21 May 2012

Abundantly Awesome

It's late and I have to get to bed, but I feel like I've been disconnected for too long. I've been busy--you know I'm always busy--and this week had its ups and downs. I'm just going to focus on the ups.

I spent Saturday at a hotel, writing. I had sick children home from school for the better part of the week, which dramatically decreased my special alone-time with my laptop. In frustration, I told the Captain I was thinking about going away just so I could work, and he told me to book a room. I love the Captain. It was fantastic! I wrote more in ten hours than I do in a week at home. I may have to consider an off-site office. You know, after I sell and can justify the expense.

In another exciting chapter of  Megan's Fantastical Foray Into Fiction, I will be in New York this evening at a party for Kari Lynn Dell! I stumbled upon Kari's blog, Montana For Real, because I read a blurb on Janet Reid's blog. Janet is Kari's agent, and known to all the rest of us as the Query Shark. Janet kindly wades through hundreds of query letters and corrects them, so that people who scream "Fuckity fuck fuck, I hate query letters!" (who, me?) can learn proper technique. She sandwiches this public service between taking care of her many clients, because she's uber-powerful.

Long story short, Kari wrote that she would be in New York working on edits with Janet, and I volunteered to keep her company. I'm only across the Hudson, and I love meeting new people, especially writers. Heck, after I've commented a few times on a blog, I just consider that person my friend. Remarkably, Kari didn't find that stalkerish at all, and we made a date for lunch. But then Janet decided to throw a little party in her honor, and they were kind enough to invite me along.

I'm excited to meet Kari, who is an amazing writer. Go over to her blog and read her short stories. They're so rich in detail the term "short story" seems inadequate. Her characters are so fully realized, I felt like I'd met them years ago. On a personal-growth note, I didn't linger too long on style comparisons. I just thought, "Wow, Janet is lucky to have her."

And tonight, I get to meet them both! My world is abundantly full of awesome. Thanks for being part of it!


  1. Yay! The Captain is awesome and I'm so glad you gave yourself that time.

    Hope you have a great time at the party this evening and that you are already in bed asleep right now because it's LATE!

  2. That sounds great. Meeting one writer you like then mingling in a room of people that includes, at least one other person you admire.
    And the Captain rocks. I'm so glad you have him.

  3. OMG you are going to a NEW YORK WRITER PARTY! You are literati now. Awesome!

  4. Awesome upon awesome, lady. Have so much fun at that party tonight! (Like you wouldn't.)

  5. How did it go? Do tell! We want to hear about the fun stuff.

  6. So glad your hotel writing retreat was good. I used to do that and found I could do hours and hours of work. Must try it again. And hey, hobnobbing it with the Query Shark, eh? Good times. Have fun. : )


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