24 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I will have thirty-nine people in my house today. I've been preparing all week. My foot hurts and I think I'm getting viral conjunctivitis.

But it's going to be a great day, because most of the family will be here. The little cousins will dress up in the costumes we keep in a trunk downstairs, and bounce on the beds. There will funny stories from the past and present. We will eat too much.

We'll be grateful for the time together, and miss the sisters and brothers and parents that aren't with us.

I wish you love and peace, and the gift of family and friends on this day of thanksgiving.


  1. awww, have a great day. I've had thanksgivings like this, but this year it's just us and one other family. Enjoy all those little cousins and neices and nephews for me, I'm missing mine this year.

  2. Thirty-nine!! Holy crow! I'd have to send half of them out to the yard. Dang. You really are wonder woman. Hope it all went well!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. We had 26 on Sunday. I started drinking at 10:30. In the morning.
    (Today we only had 11 today, and my aunt was in charge of that one.)
    Have fun and Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. You really are Wonder Woman...39 people!
    Have a great day with the family.

  5. Anonymous25.11.11

    We were ... (let me count) 13! And that seemed like a lot. But then, we were in a doublewide, and most of them were drinking; festive!

    Happy and Blessed Family Day to you and yours.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to all 29 of you. And a little extra for you and your foot and eye. (Dear lord, does it never let up for you?)

  7. Wow! That beats our number by 9 people. Hope it was great and I hope you were able to relax enough to enjoy it.


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