13 June 2011

Woe Is Me

It's 11:43 PM and I want to cry.

Tomorrow my contractor arrives at 7:30 to rip out one-and-a-half bathrooms, in a desperate attempt to have them completed before One's graduation party twelve days from now. It will be great to have new bathrooms, so I can retire my duct tape and plungers. But the timing sucks.

The Captain is away in Dallas. He got home from San Francisco Thursday morning, and left Thursday night to go to Macy's "Go Red for Women" charity golf outing. One really can't complain about combating heart disease, which is the number one killer of American women. But I am going to whine about having two business trips scheduled within three days of one another. He'll be back Wednesday.

A week from Tuesday I have my gallbladder removed. Yes, two days before One graduates from high school. The first available date was actually July 8, but I looked so crestfallen, the receptionist went back to talk to the surgeon, and got me in sooner. I'm tired of feeling like someone is inside my stomach straining to get out, and making it difficult to breathe. I don't want to live in fear of being sidelined by an attack during the graduation, or the RWA conference.

So, this scheduling nightmare leaves me with eight days to get everything ready for the party, including trying to clean my messy house, which will, as a bonus, be covered in construction dust.

The good news is that it will be impossible to write while the renovations are underway, so I'll have plenty of time to de-clutter and organize. I'm so excited. I'm pretty sure I just heard my muse confirm her flight to Europe.

I would weep right now, but I have to go cover my hallway in protective plastic sheeting. Forgive my shallow moment of weakness.


  1. Big boo. That sounds seriously overwhelming even from this distance. ;)

    On the bright side, you should still be full enough of anesthesia during the graduation party that if every little thing doesn't go exactly to plan you might not care.

    Here's hoping for quick construction, proper healing, and a joyous occasion for One.

  2. Anonymous13.6.11

    Ohgawd please tell me you have help (siblings on stand-by perhaps?) because if not I'm gonna go jump in the Wee Walnut and start driving east right this freaking second.

    (On a totally different note, Daniel and I were just laughing about Five, and remarked how greatly adorable the last kid always is... his youngest sister, mine, our Number Three, Five... they are GEMS these bonus last babies!)

  3. Wow that's a lot for one woman to handle in such a short time. Here's hoping it's one of those periods of time where everything flows smoothly & falls easily into place.

  4. @Julie: If I lie, will you come? There is help available, especially post-surgery, but I'd love to see you and the Wee Walnut!

    @Carrie: I am looking forward to the anesthesia. And any good drugs they will give me. I will be the mellow center of the soiree!

    @Judy: I will think flowing thoughts. Or perhaps floating. Ah, floating above the construction. Floating, f l o a t i n g...

  5. Gah 2 days postsurg you have graduation and party? PLEASE tell me someone is ordering pizza and the Captain will be on hand to give you painkillers and insist you sit down!!!

    If not, I'm with Julie--the betties will descend on you. I'll cook--I'm really good at it as long as you don't mind that I take breaks to throw up. I'll bring my own bucket.

  6. Well, this helps to put my week in perspective. Easy Peasey! Please don't over do it! (She said somewhat tongue-in-cheek.) I know you will, because time is short.

  7. @June: Yeah, and after I wrote it, I thought of Sarah, whose husband is deployed, and BonaFideBetty, who is a single mom. So, my whining is fairly self-indulgent.

    @Lora: Instead of asking you to come and cook (which is VERY tempting), I will tell you to dedicate the same alloted time to LYING DOWN. Go rest. I never listened to my mother when she told me to, and I haven't laid down in eighteen years. Oh sure, there's been the occasional nap, and the glorious post-birth days in the hospital, when all you do is sleep and eat. But after that...just running. SO GO REST.

    This concludes my lecture.

  8. Uh, "shallow moment of weakness?" Not hardly. I wish I could get down there to help you out, but I can't. So I'll send mega-FGBVs and hope they're enough to get you through. :(

  9. I'm sending mega-FGBVs too. That's a helluva lot of stuff to do in that amount of time. You'll be appropriately woozy for the grad celebration. Have someone videotape it because you may not remember it.

    I'm sending extra-special MRRFU FGBVs that the remodeling goes quickly, smoothly, and most importantly of all, CORRECTLY (I watch a lot of Holmes on Homes).

  10. london betty13.6.11

    I am in shock just reading this.
    Plan on ordering in loads of pizza, turing off all the main lights to hide any dust and stop worrying about the mess - NO boy, teenage or otherwise cares about mess ( they will delight in peeing in the bushes if the bathrooms aren't ready) and any friends and family will be only too amazed to see you days after surgery. In fact I think you should plan on holding the party from the confines of a comfy sofa directing minions with a megaphone!!FGBVs with sprinkles of valium on top.

  11. Well thanks for the thought, but you got a lot going on lady! And if you're anything like me, you will refer back to this post in the coming days to make sure you haven't forgotten anything in the mean time. A blog/to do list is efficient brilliancy!

    AND dear husband is home for R&R, so I've got it good for 2 weeks.

    AND the fact that One I'd graduating deserves a big shou out, so "Go One!"

  12. Anonymous14.6.11

    Sending lots of FGBVs your way honey!

  13. @ Sarah: Wahoo! R&R! Enjoy your family time!

    @Skye: We did already run into one small snafu, but otherwise, I think everything should be okay (fingers and toes crossed)! I haven't seen Holmes on Homes, but I bet Three would enjoy it. He's a bit of a builder.


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