09 May 2011

Where In The World Was The Lone Woman?

On Thursday afternoon, my sister-in-law called to ask if I wanted to fly to Florida with my brother, to surprise Mom for Mother's Day. Sean offered to use his mileage to fly me for free. It was a generous offer, but I still had to run it by the Captain. After all, we both went away last weekend, and this Sunday our house was booked for family festivities. He told me to go, because he is The Captain, and he understands that time is precious and well spent with my mother.

So, when I blogged about all I had to do in preparation for the weekend, I left out that I also had to pack! Lucky for me, my suitcase was still sitting in my bedroom, not yet completely devoid of the remains of my trip to Salem. See, sometimes sloth is helpful.

I ran around like a loon on Friday, the Captain came home a little early, and off Sean and I flew-First Class! Mi hermano travels quite a bit for his job, so he's worked his way up the Elite Class ladder. It was a treat.
We arrived late at night, and drove the hour plus to my mother's, where my sisters, Kate and Erin, were already encamped. They snuck us in, and we had a mini-reunion in one of the bedrooms, whispering and laughing like we were up late at a sleep-over party.
Sean, Erin, and Kate. Yes, we're Irish.
And goofy.

No matter how old we get, we fall into the same childhood rhythms when we get together. We rib one another about the same quirks we've always had, and tease about who Mom loves best. (Me, even though she would never admit it. It's okay, Mom, I know the truth.)
After taking some late night photos, we picked on Erin for her white noise needs. She requires a fan in her room, which blows at roughly the same volume as a jet engine. Which got us talking about fighter planes, and "Baa Baa Black Sheep," a show we all loved in the 80's. We laughed about how we girls thought Robert Conrad was so hot! Sean only watched for the fighter planes, of course.

The next morning, we all waited for Mom in the family room. She opened the door, and I watched as her brain tried to comprehend who she was seeing. And then she cried.

We spent the whole day at the pool, just laying about, or sitting with our feet in the water. Everyone was more intrepid than I, and actually swam. Instead, I chose to sparingly apply sunscreen, and thus, roast until well done. I am lobster pink right now. If you look closely, I'm sure you can see the odd red stripes down my arms and legs.

I'm hoping to be one solid color by Thursday.
Erin and Kate had to leave Saturday evening, but Sean and I stayed Sunday. Mom wanted to play Rummikub, so we honored her request. I won all three rounds (sorry, Mom) which was awesome, because Sean is very competitive, and I like beating him. See how juvenile I get?
I made everyone go out to lunch, so I could bask in the lovely weather one more time. Don't worry, I sat under an umbrella, to protect the third-degree burns.

It was a lovely end to our visit.
I'm so grateful I was able to go. I missed my boys, but I knew they were home, having fun with their cousins. I'm going to go kiss them now, and climb in bed. It's late, and I'm tired. But happy.

I know Mom was thrilled, and we were so lucky to share the day with her. Thanks to my great family, for making it happen, including Pappou, who patiently took pictures with everyone's individual cameras, and made ice cream!

Tomorrow: New Dog...


  1. Anonymous9.5.11

    What Carrie said! I laughed so much with my brother tonight that we were nearly sick. So glad you got to do the same. Wait.. what?! NEW DOG?! Did you leave your brain at your mom's house?

  2. Fantastic!!!! Your brother gets points for awesome. And, um, how often do you get told how much you look like your gorgeous mom???? Cause you do!

    I wondered why you weren't blogging: My exact thoughts where: Where is Megan? Just because she has five sons and a family party to prepare for does not exempt her from having to entertain me!

    Wonderful post, wonderful weekend!

    My husband is currently lying on the floor by the couch moaning because his allergies are bothering him so he didn't sleep well. I am trying not to laugh maniacally...I haven't had an antihistamine in four months and he is whimpering over the sniffles...even money he TAKES TOMORROW OFF!

    Big love and happy mother's day belated!

  3. What an awesome surprise for Mom-mom-- I'm glad you were all able to go! I hear you about the strange red body striping. Spray-on sunscreen is not a good idea on a breezy day. I was VERY red, and I've been molting like a reptile since I got home. It's quite lovely.

    And, way to throw in an Agnes Nixon-style teaser at the end. Let's see if your thoughts have been similar to ours...

    Happy Belated Mother's Day xoxo

  4. What a wonderful (understated) gift my fabulous children gave me. Are they not just the most handsome/beautiful lot? MY father used to say, very proudly, "I have the most beautiful grandchildren." and he was right. They are. ALL of them. AND they married generous dispositioned mates who always make me feel loved. I am a very lucky woman and one very happy Mom.

    And see Meg - even Lora thinks you look like me. (Thanks Lora, that's quite a compliment.)

    And thank goodness for the blog because at least that way I know you got home safely and weren't on that plane that had to land somewhere because of some crazy passenger. Had to throw in a little mother guilt. XXOO

  5. It really was a lot of fun. It is true that when we get together that we revert to being kids again, or at least acting like we are.
    A few more truths...
    Yes I am competitve
    Yes you won all of the rounds
    Yes you did cheat on one of the rounds
    Yes I am am moms favorite
    Yes I have that in righting

  6. I meant to say/type writing
    Dang, I wish I could blame the autocorrect like the lone woman does, but I am sure that it was my brain that messed it up

    The password that I had to type in too post was "brolog" sounds like it could be the name of a new blog...

  7. @Skip: If it's in "righting" that was Mom's way of tricking you. I have her testament to my most-beloved status in "writing." So, mine's legit.

  8. @Mom: It was late. And anyway, you know the Troopers would have come to see you if anything happened. Thanks, Dad, for that nugget of rationalization.

  9. Yay! That's a pretty awesome post. My siblings and I no longer wonder who our mother loves best; we know we can't compete with grandchildren.

  10. @Sarah: THAT is the truth! We all know we are most loved for providing the grandchildren!

  11. Awesome to suprise your Mom like that. Great stuff Megan.. Love first clss too!!!

  12. Oh, wow! What a wonderful thing to do! That's definitely a good excuse to skip the blog.

    In contrast to your brother, my captcha code was ticapsyn, which sounds like the latest in complete allergy relief.

  13. @Megan, i was missing you so much. I thought "How much rest does this woman need?" I mean, all you have to do is take care of five boy children. How hard can that be? (Don't hurt me.)

    Wonderful gift for you mom, and wonderful pictures of all the lovely family. Yes, Megan, you and your mother are beautiful sides of the same coin.

  14. @Ron: Welcome! Alas, I have been assured by both my brother and husband that I should not get too comfortable up in the front of the plane. :(

  15. Anonymous9.5.11

    Lovely, beautiful family. :)


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