20 May 2011

Saturday Snapshots

Let's begin our visual presentation with our biggest news: The New Dog!
This is Cobie.

She's cute, right? Leo doesn't think so.
 The aggrieved party:

He's slightly less depressed now. He seems to be grasping the whole Alpha mandate, so their relationship is improving.
Speaking of relations:
Here is Erin's family! I asked the girls if I could post their picture, and they looked at me like I had two heads. Who among them doesn't already have a facebook page? Exactly.

Alene, Caitlin, Donald, and Brenna at "South Pacific."
We most definitely are not experiencing any tropical weather here! It continues to rain every day. Therefore, it is more important than ever to visit the all-season tree. Here she is, gussied up for Spring.

Covered with many eggs and birdies.
We think we might do Father's Day next. Lots of slippers, Sports Illustrated magazines, (especially the Swimsuit issue), barbecue tongs, and whoopie cushions. We welcome your suggestions!
And speaking of trees:
Recently, the town hired tree cutters to remove branches from around the power lines. I don't know if the tree owners asked, or if the cutters decided on their own, to leave these branches alone. They reach out from opposite sides of the road, their leaves entwined like lovers' desperate fingers in a final embrace. I have named them Romeoak and Maple-ette.

Thank you, as always, for sharing the week with me. I'll see you on Monday!


  1. Anonymous21.5.11

    Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures! Have a wonderful weekend (and only listen to the "voices within" -or ya know, the ones that make the most sense).

  2. OMG Cobie is SO cute! Thanks for posting a picture. We maybe following a similar path very soon it seems. Send prayers that we know what the hell we're doing :o Love the tree, need to include some ties and hockey & Giants stuff for Father's day.

  3. The girls look beautiful! All rocking the dark colors.

    And I love the picture of Romeoak and his lady. The street looks pretty and peaceful.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Anonymous22.5.11

    Dan and I have decided that the All Holiday Tree needs jock straps for Father's Day.

    (Yes, he continues to check in here. Daily. Last night he got home, and I'm fairly certain he STARTED by reading YOUR blog, and NOT mine. He said, "Did you see the pictures of the new dog?! How cute is COBIE?!")

  5. @Julie (and Dan): Jock straps are perfect! And I have them in many sizes, for variety. Dan reads me first, because he's saving the best for last...

    @Chrysanthe: I'll send prayers. Leo has figured out how to be in charge, and Cobie has fallen in line. I worry for Helinda because she is much more senior. Frankly, it's an adjustment for we older parents as well! But you know her best.


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