11 May 2011

Prep Work

I just ate a spoonful of vanilla ice cream. I am scooping dessert for One and Four, and I am carefully planning how much I can shove in my mouth before midnight. Because after that, I'm NPO until 11:30 a.m. tomorrow. That's medi-jargon for "nothing by mouth," a.k.a. "fasting." Yes, dear readers, it's medical procedure time.

When I was done spending my Easter Sunday with the kind folks at St. Clare's Emergency Room, they handed me a bunch of discharge papers, including the name of a gastro-enterologist. Even after having an ultra-sound and a CAT scan, they couldn't find anything remarkably wrong with me. So, they referred me to a specialist. Amazingly, I followed their instructions! I met Dr. Barbarito the following week, and told him he was going to have to scope me.

Because he is an actual medical professional,  he asked questions about my latest attack, took a medical history, and agreed with my assessment. He would have to scope me. So, tomorrow at 10:30 I am scheduled to have a camera snake its way through my upper G.I. tract, so we can have a look-see at what caused me such distress.

I am totally ready for the procedure. I absolutely cannot go through an attack like that again. I don't have the time. I want that camera to worm it's way down and bump right up against something that can be surgically removed, thus instantly curing me. I will be psyched if it is a twenty pound ball of fat, that once excised, will halt the paralyzing pain, and make me instantly more svelte. Fingers crossed!

Now, I must go eat some more. Midnight is fast approaching.


  1. FBVS and many scoops of ice cream.

  2. Many FGBVs and hopes for a quick procedure and a quick and simple and benign result. Hope you don't have to go thru a colonoscopy as well. Erg. More than fasting. It is my year for that, and another mammogram. Sigh. When are we getting Star Trek things that can deduce all this from the outside?

    Are you sure Five isn't Diva's kid? :D

  3. Anonymous12.5.11

    I'll eat some ice-cream for you too, it isn't midnight here yet and i'm just nice like that :-)
    Hope the procedure goes well, that they manage to find something and that it's something easily fixed.

  4. FGBV's from across the river. While we are hoping, let's hope for a rare, benign condition that can be easily cured with the application of one pill. Why go through surgery?

  5. Positive thoughts coming your way!

  6. I hope everything went well, madame. Sending svelte FGBVs your way. (Not that you need it. I've seen you; you can't fool me anymore.)

  7. HOW ARE YOU???

    Blogger has been an asshole and ate my comments! Did the test go ok?

  8. @Lora: Yes, Blogger ruined everyone's fun for a few days. The tests were inconclusive, in that they didn't show anything wrong. Which is good-you know, no bleeding ulcers, which is remarkable with all these annoying kids! So, I have to schedule another test. Sigh.


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