05 May 2011

The Peep Show

All of you have been so kind with your compliments, and words of encouragement. I'm touched that you read the Diaries, and have expressed an interest in my novel. See how I didn't call it my work in progress? I'm visualizing it as a completed product. It's my next step toward actually finishing it.

To that end, I am going to attend the New Jersey Romance Writers conference in October, and ask for an agent appointment. I'm excited to have a real deadline! There is much work to be done, but I'm pretty good under pressure. However, I need your help. One of the speakers at the NECRWA conference posited that a book must "hook" the reader within the first five pages. If one isn't interested in the characters at that point, chances are that book is going back on the shelf. But, you know, no pressure.

So, I went back and read my first five pages. I've shown them to half the country already, in my capacity as Contest Slut, but after the conference, I wanted to revise, revise, revise. I'm trying to suppress that urge, and move forward toward completion. Then I'll go back and gussy it up. So, I'm going to give you a peek at what is currently making the rounds of the pageant contest circuit, and you can let me know if you're "hooked." Geez, I've gone from slut to pusher in five sentences.

Here's the first paragraph, and if you want more you can follow this link over to Lyrics and Failures. There's space over there, because it's more a storage facility than a real blog. I'm sure there's an easier way to do this, but I'm a little computer stupid.

Tomorrow, a real post. Maybe about penises.

An Excerpt:

She heard the crunch of the tires before she saw the lights. Flashing lights. Although it had been years since her last encounter with the law, Sibby O’Connor instinctively reviewed her possible infractions. Unlike the 1992 incident, she wasn’t speeding. Her inspection sticker was current (summons issued, 1995), and all her taillights were working (warning, 1999). Maybe her New Jersey plates had triggered some east coast terrorist alert, but honestly, would radical extremists drive a 2003 Dodge Caravan? As she dug in her purse to find her license, indignation rising at this flagrant display of geographic bias, she heard Caleb behind her.
“Mom, there’s a policeman at the window,” he said, from the confines of his booster seat.


  1. Anonymous5.5.11

    I am hooked! And must hurry to the storage facility for more. Also, lol, have I ever told the story of how Dan tried to pull me over one day? I ignored him, and told his children in the backseat to do the same, we'd see him at home for gawdsakes!

  2. @Julie: That is a novel-worthy story! I may steal it...

  3. I'm in. Want to read the rest now, please!

    And also to hear Julie's story b/c that is kinda funny.

  4. Count me in. I will be ignoring my children to go read more!

  5. I want to hear Julie's story too.

    But I also want to read more of yours, Megan! :)

  6. I am looking forward to reading more of your story, Megan. i already commented over in "storage."

    Julie: you do need to write some of your stuff. Let's talk. I can tell the story of when my dad (the cop) tested my 8-year-old self to see if I would ignore a stranger trying to et me into a car. Oy. Nothing ever went exactly as he wanted it to!

  7. Anonymous5.5.11

    Completely hooked - must you wait until October?

  8. Ooh! That was fun. But short. Geez, Megan, you're a tease. ;)

  9. Thank you to everyone who commented over here and at Lyrics and Failures. I'm happy I was able to distract you from your children and tease you a little!

    @merrymac12: Welcome! If you are an agent, who is so taken by my prose that you cannot wait until October, I'll type faster! Otherwise, I'd like to say I'll be done in June, but... I know me, and that would be a lie.

  10. Anonymous5.5.11

    I'm enchanted with your prose, but not an agent. Just, you know, not getting any younger here.

  11. Love. It.

    That is all.

  12. Anonymous6.5.11

    Great beginning. I'd keep reading. In fact, you may need to post more just to keep me from calling you a tease.

    And Julie, I want to read that story too.

  13. Anonymous6.5.11

    Okay! I'll put some of them up tomorrow. But they aren't all that entertaining. Not much action when one is simply ignoring the flashing lights.


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