10 May 2011

The New Dog

We got another dog. Her name is Cobie, and she is an eight month-old, soft-coated Wheaten Terrier. She needed a home because her family had a little boy who was allergic to her saliva. Who knew that could happen? Not those poor folks, who were very sad to let their pet go. I hugged the mom when Cobie got in my van, because I know it was a difficult decision, even if for the right reasons.

Sean's wife called a week ago to ask if we wanted another dog. She is friends with Cobie's family, or perhaps not, since she recommended our house as a good place for their dog! We have many people who live here, and we are busy, as you know. Sometimes we are also loud. So, you've got to be the right kind of dog to decide to stay with us. We already have that kind of dog, and his name is Leo. He's a Goldendoodle, who looks like a standard poodle with a square nose. He's very mellow and accommodating, but....he's kind of wussy around other dogs. Especially smaller ones. So, the New Dog transition is going to take some time.

I brought Cobie home while all the boys were at school. I wanted us to have quiet time to bond, for her to understand I am the person in charge. You know, until the Captain gets home. Then he likes to imprint his Alpha-maleness upon all the creatures. He's done it to me at least five times. I like to think of us as an Alpha and Omega duo. Kind of like the awesome new Patricia Briggs series about Charles, the sexy, inscrutable werewolf, and his mate. Available now at your local bookseller!

I completely surprised all the boys, who had no idea Cobie was coming. They've asked for another dog in the past, and we tried once before, but we had to return that lass for biting Five in the face. The truth is, I'm not really a "dog person." My M.I.L. has mentioned this often enough that it's a bit of a running joke. I like dogs, but, apparently, without enough vigor to qualify me as a dog lover.

I'm okay with that. Leo and I have an understanding. I feed him, I pet him, I take him to the vet and the groomer. I made a commitment to him when he joined our family, that I would do my best to keep him healthy and happy. In exchange, he won't be too barky, he won't pee on my carpet, and he'll mostly lay about out of my way. It's not dissimilar from the arrangement I have with my teenagers. Leo and I shook on it, because I don't kiss dogs.

Now, Cobie is here, and I'm sure Leo is looking for his copy of the contract, because he can't figure out why I've upset the apple cart. I do love him. I just love my kids more. And they, in return, will love the dogs slavishly. See? Still not a dog person, but I'm not crazy. Really.


  1. Ah the traumatizing leap from a one-dog household to a two-dog....it always seeemssss like such a good idea. Our dog was sweet but timid and not very socialized. We figured he needed a puppy. The puppy is half his size and aggressive---it has a napoleon complex probably, and will take treats/toys/whatever out of patient, loving adult dog's actual mouth.

    Good luck, babe.

    We love both our dogs but we know which one has that touch of evil.

  2. Anonymous10.5.11

    I also have two dogs. One is about 5 yrs, sweet and gentle. The new one is now 7 months. Her name started out as Rose, but now she's The Demon Rose, since we're pretty sure she's possessed.

    I keep losing my train of thought because....ah...Charles. Lovely male animal. And so polite for an Alpha! Excuse me, I have to go jump on my fella. And NOT call him Charles.

  3. You're a brave, lone woman. I am also not a dog person, but I think I mean something different when I say than when you do. Something like "I am not willing to care for a dog."

    Now, if the "dog" was actually one of Patricia Briggs' werewolves, I could probably make the adjustment. ;)

  4. You know, Megan, that "Cobie" is not THAT different from "Coakley". Your dogs could be a total tribute to your dad :)
    Seriously, I'm watching closely to see how the dust settles in your house. Been thinking of a 2nd canine but worried it might traumatize Helinda, who's got lots of seniority. We celebrated her 13th yesterday. Keep sharing....

  5. A dog. Well. Okay. I choose to believe that you are not crazy. Mostly. But I am interested to see how this new member of your family fits in. I am, of course, quite the dog lover. Especially if I get to be the auntie and love and pet the dog, without all of the work.

    Ah Charles... What is it about dangerous, gorgeous, silent men? Okay, I guess that is a silly question. Funny, you guys really are kind of like Alpha and Omega. I've never thought about it before.

  6. @June: The Captain will infer from your comments that he is dangerous, gorgeous, and silent. You've spilled the beans!

  7. The Captain is, or course, extremely attractive. However, as his job rarely requires actual executions (as far as I know) I would downgrade dangerous to "intimidating when the situation requires it." :)

  8. Pictures!! (You're allowed, when it comes to dogs.) ;-)

  9. We know you just wanted another female in the house, Meg!

  10. Weren't we just talking about this? Good luck to you. I don't think I could do it, and I have one less body in the house to deal with. I hope he turns out to be a small, quiet, couch potato of a dog.

  11. @Lora: And people think I'm crazy! Pregnant, and a puppy! Later, you can blame it on the hormones.

    @Chrysanthe: Actually, I wouldn't have chosen a girl, but she is who she is. And, supposedly, things would be worse if I had two males.

    Today, Four asked, "How do you know she's not a boy?"
    "She doesn't have a penis," I answered.
    So, he laid down on the floor to look underneath her.
    "You're right!" he said, shocked.
    See how limited his experience it?


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