26 May 2011


I've been a tad cranky this week. There are a number of factors contributing to my irritability, and I will now kindly list them for you.

My house is very cluttered and disorganized. I have a very high tolerance for this sort of thing, which should give you some sense of how far things have spiraled out of control.

Our new dog has a bladder the size of a soy bean. This means I must be ever-vigilant for the faintest hint of the need to relieve herself, or she will pee on my floor. Or my carpet. Or the foyer tile.

This week is especially busy with events. Four and Five had tae kwon do on Tuesday, and will again on Thursday, the same night as Two's choral concert, and Three's baseball game. Five had his game tonight. Friday morning Four has his school concert, the new dog gets groomed, and Two has his play that evening. Three plays double-header baseball on Saturday morning, and Two closes out the play Saturday night. On Sunday we host the Memorial Day family barbecue.

Three got in trouble with his math teacher for farting in class. He claims it was an accident. Our exchange:
"Three, have you ever heard a girl fart?"
"No, because they don't fart."
"Everyone farts, Three! They just do it silently, or out of the classroom! Learn from the girls!"
I cannot wait for this school year to be over.

I am having a difficult time writing the book. I am dedicating time every day, but I'm struggling. I think all the contest comments have my head spinning, and I am second-guessing everything I type.

That's all the pissing and  moaning. It's tiring, so I am going to focus on these things instead:

It has been sunny here for the past two days! The Ark has been placed in dry dock!

I think I have a behavior modification plan for the new dog, which does not involve making her live outside, or with a different family!

Four and Five earned their orange belts! My children are athletic and artistic!

I wrote my guest post for The Bettyverse today, and sent it off to Alastair! It will run on Friday, June 17. The Bettyverse is the new spin-off blog of LucyMarch.com, which will debut in early June. When I have more details, I'll let you know, so you can go read me somewhere else!

I took the new chapter in a different direction, which should make it easier to write!

I've got nothing for the messy house, or the farting child. Some things cannot be positively spun.

But I feel better.

FYI: If you are having  trouble commenting on Blogger, I heard from a friend that you should try another browser. I use Internet Explorer and haven't had an issue.


  1. london betty26.5.11

    I think the teachers probably get fed up this late in the year too!
    Sorry you're feeling blue. I always think you have to have the 'right head on' to do difficult stuff. I use that excuse anyway when I can't tidy up/ exercise/write.....It's better to shove things under the bed, toss the screwed up paper in the bin and curl up with a good book, than beat yourself up over stuff you'll wizz through when the 'right head' arrives ;).

  2. Hugs!
    Sounds like you've got a crazy week to contend with. We count on you to endure with your signature blend of grace and snark. I have every faith that you will.

    I lost my shit the other day because (home, on BEDREST with kidney infection in pain peeing BLOOD) my principal kept emailing me with my sub's complaints about my messy desk, ants in the classroom, the fact that there are books stacked everywhere, etc.

    I am ONE PERSON. And I do not have time to meet the standards of the delicate 22 year old substitute who waltzed in and turned her nose up at my level of disorganization. I would like to see her with a hyperemetic pregnancy, a bad uti, and trying to keep up with a 2nd grade class with all the attendant permission slips, sno cone money, grades to put in the computer, and yes, infestation in the room.

    We can't do it all. The house has to slide sometimes.

  3. ooh look now I'm using YOUR blog to vent. how nice of me. sorry about that. :P

  4. @london betty: I am absolutely certain the math teacher is counting the days! I did get on the elliptical the past two days, so there might be something to having the "right head."

    @The Captain: Don't even think it.

    @Lora: Even if I don't ask at the end of each post, I always want to know how everyone is doing. It's implied, so you should feel free to share! And I would turn off my phone/computer. They're adults; they'll figure it out.

  5. Stupid Blogger ate my comment - twice!

    Recap: It's pretty hard to keep up with one kid this time of year, and you've got five. I think you're doing amazingly well since you manage to deal with all that AND blog AND exercise AND you know, be a wife, woman and writer. Grouse all you want, I'll just keep reading. ;)

    I hope all goes smoothly, on-time and quickly for you and yours this week!

  6. In re your writing--here, I'm digging out for you that day when the card at Julie's was For You:


    (The one on confusing advice from other people.)

    I admire that you're plugging away at your writing, with all the family work you have on your hands.


    As for the blog commenting, there are some suggested fixes out there on the net. (Though it's frequent with firefox, it's not specific to ff. Some people have IE and still have the problem.) I'll post some on my blog. But busy as you are - ahem - maybe make one of your brilliant sons do it?


  7. Thank you Mabel!


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