11 May 2011

The Day Only Counts If I Do What I Want

Over on Delia's blog, she has a category called "Paralyzingly Boring Introspection." I love that title. I don't classify my posts, because I would only have three selections: "Wasting Time When I Should Be Writing," "Damn Those Kids and Their Penises," or "I Am Fucking Busy, and I Can't Get Anything Done!"

Today would be Category Three. I did actually get a few things accomplished, but it just doesn't feel like it. I spent the morning supervising the dogs, as they tried to establish a relationship. The main problem seems to be that Leo isn't sure how to be an alpha dog, and Cobie refuses to interpret his attempts at dominance as anything other than play-acting. Apparently, miscommunication between the sexes is not limited to humans.

Erin finally had the brilliant idea to kennel Cobie, right at the moment it seemed Leo might rip off her nose. We still have a crate from the failed dog adoption, so we coaxed Cobie inside. She promptly fell asleep for two hours. We decided she is like a toddler, who gets so worked up and over-tired, she can't stop her bad behavior. The time-out worked nicely for both canines, so we employed it a few more times throughout the day. And now, they seem to be less agitated with one another.

After declaring doggie detente, Erin and I took Five, home sick for the day, on the shopping loop-Costco, Walmart, pharmacy, and Fed-Ex for flavor. Then Five had to go lay down. He's battling a virus/allergies/slight fever. Judging by the dark circles and pink cheeks, I think he'll be with me again tomorrow.

After Four came home from school, we left the little boys with Two so Erin could go to Macy's to buy a few things for a fancy party she must attend. No sooner had she stepped into the fitting room than my phone rang. Two forgot he had play practice. I left Erin at the store, and went home to get Two. I made Four change into his Tae Kwon Do uniform and come with us. We dropped Two at the high school, went and got Erin, and brought Four to Tae Kwon Do. He wanted his Aunt to watch him, so we stayed for stretching, blocks and kicks. His flexibility was very impressive! We left him in class, ran down the plaza to order a pizza, and ducked into the supermarket to get those few things I can't get at Costco, Walmart, the pharmacy, or, you know, Fed-Ex. As we left, I told Erin we had visited almost every single store I ever frequent, all in the span of five hours!

Four's TKD class didn't end well. He was sitting angrily on the floor, and the Master asked to speak with him. He wouldn't tell me what happened, and I didn't pester. Maybe tomorrow. We went home, fed everyone pizza, and I started this post. Erin cleaned the kitchen, because she's awesome. At eight o'clock, I retrieved Three from his play practice and deposited him at home, before leaving for the high school to collect Two from his chorus rehearsal. They each have upcoming performances.

Finally back home, I settled in at the kitchen table to help Two finish a research paper. It is already a day late, so his grade will suffer. But it's done, and now, so is this post. Six hours after I began writing it. See what I mean? I was fucking busy, and I didn't get anything done.

Perhaps from now on, I will just shorten this category to "Irrational Whining."


  1. Anonymous11.5.11

    Irrational? Not hardly. You are our hero. (And you sister is pretty damn cool too.)

  2. Anonymous11.5.11

    SHIT! "your" sister - obviously.

  3. Anonymous11.5.11

    Just reading about your day makes me feel tired...you really do deserve that Wonder Woman bracelet!

  4. Good lord. I need a nap just reading that. I think you may need another Wonder Woman bracelet. And I agree with Julie, there's nothing irrational about it (nor is it whining). Also, thank you for the title love. It would be better if the content weren't, y'know, paralyzingly boring.

  5. That is not irrational. That is totally justified whining which is its own category.

    If I had gone to half the places you did in one day I'd be curled up in a ball sucking my thumb and refusing to move.

    You rock...and scare me with your power.

  6. I'd have been ready for a glass of wine by Fed Ex! Evening shift? I don't think so! In fact, the puppy training probably would have been a full day for me. With my feet up during the crate breaks.

    I hope the overgrown puppy, Leo, learns to accommodate the new addition to his pack. He is a sensitive soul. The weight of command will hang heavy on his shoulders. But if he doesn't man up, I'm sure Cobie will be happy to take over!

  7. @Lora: It's irrational only because my days are like this 60% of the time. You'd think I'd have accepted it by now, no?

    You should meet Erin. She's even more powerful.

    @Janet: Yes, uneasy is the head that wears the crown. Leo will have to decide soon what he wants to do...

  8. Hmm. I do NOT clean my sister's kitchen when I go to visit. How can I prevent her from reading this post and hearing about Erin's awesomeness? I can't cut her electricity and cell service from here; she lives too far away. ;)

  9. I DO clean my sister's kitchens when I visit...I think schools should take in to account parents of multiple children and plan their calendars accordingly- and I am NOT making fun. (I am however, fantasizing- and as a school administrator would never do such a thing- sorry!)
    Love you and all of your many hours of wonderment. (Love Erin too!)


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