23 April 2011

Saturday Sing-Along

For everyone who had a difficult day/week/month: 

Timely. And Fun!


  1. Oh, I've always loved this one! Thanks!

  2. My week has been fine except that I thought I might hear some career-related news on Tuesday. I didn't. I still haven't. Then last night, I was gathered with the family after Good Friday services, and the power went out. We just sat there, in the dark, eating our milkshakes from our hometown ice-cream stand.

    It seemed appropriate because I've felt like I was in the dark all week. ;)

    Thanks for the song.

  3. An embedded video?!! Fancy!! Nice work, Megan. I love that video.

    @Carrie - Nice metaphor! Best of luck waiting for the big news. Hope you have a great Easter and wake up on Monday to "see the light!"


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