30 April 2011

A Royal Evening

Normally, today's post would be Saturday snapshots. But I've been a wee bit busy, what with the lying about (or as they say up here in Salem, "aboat") after the mystery illness, and then the mad preparation for the conference. So, not so many pictures. Although I did snap a photo of my awesome, new patent leather loafers that I wore this afternoon. They make me giddy with happiness. Ignore the pasty white legs that are attached.

Tonight, Delia and I sat with Anne Stuart, Lani, a.k.a. Lucy March, and Deborah Blake. Deborah hooked us up with the seats, as she is determined to keep all the Betties together. A very enterprising person made "Proud to Be a Betty" stickers, which we affixed to our name tags. These have prompted some questions regarding "Bettiness." I want to answer, "We're a rag-tag bunch of slavishly devoted blog readers, offering Universal Positive Regard and FGBV's," but I think that would make some folks back away, SLOWLY. So, I just tell them we read Lucy's blog. And then I ask for their business card. Because I am a self-promoting card whore.

Yes, I've gone from contest slut to card whore in a matter of days. It's a slippery slope. As an ice-breaker, Kate George, conference coordinator, organized a Scavenger Hunt. We were tasked with finding attendees based on descriptors. Because my general attitude this weekend is, "What the hell-I don't care!" I basically ambushed my fellow writers in my quest to finish. After interrupting their conversations and quizzing them, I asked for business cards. And then I foisted mine, courtesy of Pyra Promotions, upon them. I've collected some beautiful, creative, and downright racy business cards. I'm thinking of decoupaging a picture frame.

My favorite quote of the evening was, "You don't sound like you're from New Jersey." I heard that three times! And now, for you viewing pleasure, I present Lucy March and Queen Anne Stuart.



  1. Anonymous30.4.11

    From yesterday (how the hell did I miss an entire post?) I need to make sure you DID visit a lovely witch (other than the one you sat with) while you were in Salem. And yeah, I'm thinkin' that was a self-chosen title, but still, good for her. (Really, Megan, you can't have too many witches in your life.)
    Sounds like you are having a GREAT time! Kiss the Betties for us.
    Love those shose (pshaw, your legs don't scare me), and thank you for the last photo!

  2. Anonymous30.4.11

    Sounds like you're having a fabulous time. Love the shoes, and if it makes you feel any better I have pasty legs too it's one of the perils of being fair...you're either pasty or doing a good imitation of a lobster.

  3. Yay! Maybe a shot of yours' and Delia's heads next time? Yay! Enjoying the updates!

  4. I've done a few 'conferences' in my day and they're SO much fun! Always great to hang with PLUs (people like us. You know, sharing our current obsession) Happy you're having a great memorable time!

  5. I've never been to a conference (except the teacher kind) and this makes me want to go!

    I'm glad you're having such a betty time and being the NOT-Lone woman. ENJOY!!!!!!

  6. Sounds wonderful! Love the shoes. WTF with the Jersey thing? I get that all the time. The popular media has not been kind to us.

  7. You sound exactly like you are from New Jersey!! I will admit that some of us have an odd way with the words "orange" and "Florida," but that Jersey Shore TV crap gives people an erroneous impression. They think that the entire state talks like a handful of boneheads from Staten Island. Makes me crazy!!

    But I'm not going to let that ruin my enjoyment of your awesome post! Glad you are having a great time! I'm going to buy you one of those fancy plastic sleeves for storing business cards. Then you can see all of your new contacts at a glance!

  8. Love the shoes and the pic of Krissie and Lani!
    Thanks for sharing and allowing to live vicariously. ;)


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