01 April 2011

Project Runway

The past three nights I have left the house and gone shopping. I was trying to pre-shop for the conference, shore up for the trip to Florida, and leave the pantry in good standing while I'm away.

Shopping for clothes isn't my favorite activity. I enjoy the alone time, but I'm usually purchasing for a specific event. This means I must tailor the outfit(s) to convey a certain facet of my personality. Because I am still defining myself as a writer, I had to decide what "Megan Coakley: Writer," would wear to a conference. I had an image in my mind, so I went in search of its tangible components.

The Captain has worked for Macy's his entire adult life. It was his first job out of college, and he has remained a loyal employee for over twenty years. I never shop at Macy's. I have no ill feelings toward the company, and I don't dislike their stores. It just isn't convenient for me. I prefer one-stop joints. I like to buy my cookies and capris under the same roof. The three main places I shop-Costco, Walmart, and Target-provide this service for me. Macy's requires a separate trip. If I want a really good selection of petite clothing (I'm 5'2" on a good day), then I must travel twenty-minutes east.

I considered the conference worthy of the drive. I wanted "real" clothes. You know, like grown-ups wear. After wandering for forty minutes, I came upon a small section of Michael Kors petites. I took one of everything into the fitting room, and actually came back out with several items. The next day I donned the outfits one more time for review, and whittled the selections again.

Today I went to Target to buy the things I forgot to buy last time. Just for fun, I wandered through the clothing section. I found some cute t-shirts, and a nice little sweater. Then a drape-y dress caught my eye, as well as a pair of cropped pants. For good measure, I grabbed a cardigan on the way over to frozen foods.

Tomorrow, I'll try it all on again, and re-evaluate. But right now, I'm thinking "Megan Coakley: Writer" wears Mossimo, not Macy's. I'm going to dub it "Frugal Chic." I might even use it to describe my writing. Spare, with the occasional flourish.

What's your style?


  1. Anonymous1.4.11

    Good for you for going shopping. I love to read about how you are pursuing your writing.

    My style is nonexistent. If it had a name, it would probably be something like, "Clean clothes that fit." That's about it.

    I used to love shopping, and hope to lose weight and enjoy it again one day.

    Post some pics of your new threads. :)

  2. Anonymous1.4.11

    I don't know what my style would be called...'simple with added accessories'? I'm a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal, but I love accessories, big dangly earrings, colourful scarves, hats etc.
    I am going to do so much shopping when i'm over there, everything is half the price i'd pay here.

  3. Anonymous1.4.11

    Wait, you have two whole inches on me?! Wow, you are like an Amazon (shut up Delia).
    My style could best be described as: nothing newer than 1979 (the year I graduated from high school), okay... with a few items thrown in from the wedding year of 1982, if you want to get technical.
    Fine! I admit it, I own some t-shirts that were purchased in the 90's. Happy now?

  4. @bonafide: My daily style is similar. It's called "Velour Sportwear."

    @Kris: Perhaps you would like to shop at The World's Largest Department Store-Macy's at Herald Square in New York! I am required to recruit shoppers to off-set the revenue loss due to my absence.

    @Julie: Greetings, fellow Lilliputian. The top three pack members are already taller than me. It's weird. I have to reach up to hit them now.

    If I fit in what I wore in high school, it would still be in my drawers!

  5. Gulliver, here. I wear a uniform. I have jeans, several pairs of the same kind since they're the only ones I can find that fit me (and believe me when I say, I've kissed so many frogs in that pond, I'm practically a hooker there), and a v-neck, cable knit sweater in either black or grey. In warmer weather, the shirt changes to a v-neck t-shirt -- in either black or gray. You may occasionally spot a splash of color if I find a sale and it fits, but mostly, uniform. Except the shoes. The shoes are one of the major reasons that I wear so much black and grey (the other reason is that I'm...umm...plump), because I can wear any shoes I want with black or grey.

    I do like to shop for clothes, in theory. I'd like it more in practice if I weren't shaped so much like ric-rac (one lump for the belly, an equally sized lump for the ass and narrow in between). I'm working on it, though. Also, the drive to the store? Totally my favorite part. The longer the better.

    As for the height, well, I'm sure you've guessed I'm taller than you. The good news is, I shrunk after I had my kids. Which means I'm only five inches taller than you instead of six and a half. :) My mom, who is five-nothing, loved it when we all grew taller than her because then she had someone to get the stuff off the top shelf for her. My advice to you? Aim for the gut.

    Sorry for writing a book in your comments section.

  6. Black is my most favorite color, so I'm with you Gulliver. My sister-in-law owns so much black that when she was a teacher, one of her students asked if she was a witch. And she's a stick figure; so black is universally appealing.

    I've recently branched out into color, which usually prompts my mother and M.I.L. to remark, "Oh, you look so good in color!" Followed by, "If we could only get you out of those glasses. Because you're so pretty."
    Apparently, if I could stop looking like I have for the past twenty-five years, I'd turn quite a few heads.

    Last night, the Captain asked if the ladle on the counter was clean. I had to think for a minute.
    "Yes, I used it to get the pasta from the top shelf!"
    Short person adaptation.

    We have no word count restrictions in the comment section. See?

  7. I like to think of myself as a fashion chameleon, I adapt to my environment. Whether it be business attire, going out, soccer mom, black tie, sporty or funky I like to think (whether it is true or not) that I can adapt to the fashion environment. My closet also houses a lot of black, I find that it very universal. I like a bargain but at 6 feet I will pay any price for pants that fit!

  8. When I was thinner, I loved to shop. I don't like quite as much now, but I do get some enjoyment out of it. And I know I should shop at TJ Maxx or Target, but I like some of my clothes to be very individual, and some of my work clothes to be professional without being a suit. Given that I haven't found a boutique near me yet (and haven't really explored much yet), I shop at Chico's. Yup. They have made lots of money off me, but I have some awesome pants and jackets that are totally me.

    When I lived up in the NW, I wore jeans, tee shirts, and sneakers, even at work. With the occasional brightly colored silk shirt thrown in. My wardrobe is black and white, with splashes of lime, turquoise, magenta, and purple.

    Now I wear jeans in the winter and capris and shorts in the rest of the year. Well, and jeans, because sometimes I don't de-hair my legs soon enough. :)

    My style is Eclectic. Some days I want to wear levi 501s, an old tee shirt, and scuffed sneakers. Other days I want to wear a black silk broomstick skirt and my cool black calf-high boots, with a silk shirt (altho' if I had the place and the courage, I'd wear my black leather corset). And many warm days, capris, flip-flops, and brightly colored sleeveless tees.

    And I'm 5'8". :)

  9. Hmm. What's my style? I'm a lot of what you all said. Fave place to shop is j.Jill, but I try to never pay full price :) I'd have to say I'm a Jill//target/kohls/eddie bauer combo. And mostly from the catalogs because of the petite selection. Yes I'm 5-one on a good day.
    As for shopping, I always start out with high hopes but in the end I buy little due to the effects of gravity etc...
    Favorite shoes are comfy ones: dansko clogs, "fuggs" (fake uggs, as my daughter calls them), and my very comfy acorn slippers. love them. Lots of.black bit lots of color too. I love color. As a designer its my favorite "tool" to use.


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