28 April 2011

The Next Step in My Journey

I am leaving in a few hours for Salem, Massachusetts, to attend a writer's conference. I am a writer!

I have so much to do that I can't actually post right now. But I promise to be in touch!

Now I have to go pack the Jell-O.


  1. Woohoo! See you there!

    Wait...are we talking regular Jell-O or the pudding?

  2. Envy envy envy envy.

    Have a fantabulous time, both you and that Delia person with jell-o issues.

  3. Enjoy yourselves, ladies!
    Huh. That probably could go without saying.

  4. Yay! Have a great time. Please give some extra-special love to all the Betties for me.

  5. Anonymous29.4.11

    I totally woke up this morning (okay, fine it was going on two o'clock here) thinking about you and Delia at the conference. Yipee for writers hanging out with Jell-O in their pockets! Oh wait, that came out wrong... or, maybe not. Enjoy!

  6. Jello? I'm still catching up to you guys. Happy conference!


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