29 April 2011

A Betty-licious Night

After driving through apocalyptic weather, I arrived in Salem-famous home of witchcraft, a previously thriving maritime industry, and Bunghole discount liquors. Delia and I had time to spare, so we circled through the town, taking in some of the sights. Today is much more bright and shiny, so I think I will venture down by the waterfront, and perhaps have my palm read by "The Official Witch of Salem." I'm going to ask for her credentials. Surely she must have passed a test, or won a cage match, in order to claim that title. I wonder if it's like "Smackdown," and each year the witches have to face off to claim the "Official Witch" belt.

After enjoying a frozen hot chocolate (yum!- like a mochachino, without the coffee!) in the comfy chairs of our room, we ventured over to the Hawthorne Inn, where the convention begins today. There was a raucous party happening, which included the incongruous mix of a spectacular drag queen in a floor length red cape, a Beatles cover band, and home health care professionals. Go figure. We took in the sights, and commenced Betty hunting.

We texted, tweeted, and emailed our fellow Betties, Kate George and Deborah Blake. Kate is the chairperson of the conference, and we knew she would either be busy working or collapsed in a puddle of alcohol-tinged drool. That's not a comment on her, personally, it's just how I would react. Deborah is presenting, so we knew she would be on site as well. But we couldn't find them. We had almost given up the ghost, when in walked Lani Diane Rich, a.k.a. Lucy March and Anne Stuart! Delia recognized Lani from a class, so we introduced ourselves, which was funny, because we had to include our Betty names, which is how we identify ourselves on her blog. She'd just come back from dinner with Deborah and Kate, so she walked us over to meet them in their little cottage.

Kate was busy with last minute details, so we jumped in to help. As her chapter associates wandered in, they eyed us busily stuffing envelopes. We introduced ourselves, and kept sorting dinner orders.

"And why are you working with Kate?"
"We're Betties."

'Nuff said.


  1. OMG
    How amazing!!! I'm so glad you did this, Megan! It's fun just reading about it. :)

    (yes those *are* jealous snakes you can hear sprouting out of my betty head...)

  2. So cool!! I, too, am jealous that you met three real live Betties and the Alpha Bettie herself, not to mention Krissie. Have a wonderful time.

  3. I am so so so so jealous. Mostly because I'll be in Boston this weekend, but I won't be able to make it up to Salem to meet the Betties. :( But I hope you have an awesome time!!!

  4. I'll be chairing a conference in March of '13. I should import some Betties to make sure everything gets done. Why has this never occurred to me before? ;)

  5. Hi friends! I am on a break before dinner with Anne Stuart. Delia is still off learning important things about the submission process, which does not yet apply to me. It was a lovely day in Salem, and I thought of you all! I'll try to blog later, but for now-thanks you for all the good wishes and encouragement. It's great to be with so many writers!

    @Anna: Bummer! You're so close! I wish we could have Witchy Betty fly up on her supersonic broom and whisk you away for a few hours!

    @Carrie: Name the place and time. We'll be there! 2013 gives me a lot of time to arrange child care.

  6. I know. I thought about getting in touch with Kate and figuring out a way to ambush you all (which sounds creepy, but isn't, I promise), but I figured you'll all be too busy learning how to be better writers. Next time! :)


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