30 March 2011

You Can't Escape Me

Welcome to the continuing saga of social media saturation. I started the day with my latest email to the nice, younger man who is designing my calling cards. Okay, business cards. I am in the business of selling myself. But not in the same way that I could have when I was young, and that prominent business man wanted to keep me as his mistress. We have settled on a design, and I think it walks the fine line between whimsy and legitimacy with the confidence of a Victoria's Secret model. That is to say, it gets my point across with little more than swagger and a smile.

I wanted the card to include all the ways one can read, follow, or communicate with me. Therefore, I created a new facebook page for The Lone Woman Diaries. I've changed the title five times already, and I still think I'm leaning toward just The Lone Woman. Yep. Changed it again. After all, I, Megan Coakley, am The Lone Woman. And that will be about as close as I get to obtaining the rights to my own name on facebook.

Delia encountered this problem when she discovered she shared a name with a Mexican purse designer. Despite the odds, I am going to try and obtain my real name as my user name. However, facebook won't let me pick a user name until I have twenty-five people who "like" me, because my new page is set up as an "fan" page. So, I need you all to make like Twi-hards, and choose Team Megan. Go "like" The Lone Woman. (For the record, I am firmly entrenched in the Team Jacob camp. I prefer werewolves, and that boy is hot. Shut up. I know it's icky, and I don't care.)

So, now I have the blog, facebook, Twitter, and an unfinished manuscript. The good news, however, is that I will be going on a "working" vacation. One and I are going to Florida to see my mother. We leave at the end of the week, and will stay for six days. I can't wait. It's warm there, and MomMom and Pappou, as they are known to One, will dote on us. We'll do some low-key fun things, but mostly, One and I will be happy to sit at the Gulf. He loves nature, and I love the sun. It's a win-win.

While on vacation, I will be away from the blog, dedicating my free time to the book. I've written a bit this week, and it felt good. Maybe the Florida heat will defrost my frozen creative juices. If nothing else, it will help me recall the summer setting. Although it's hard to believe, summer will be here before I know it, and my false deadline with it. Then I'll be able to put all that media to good use, and use those cards for real.


  1. Anonymous30.3.11

    I tried to do my part on the facebook front but I can't find you. No 'The Lone Woman' coming up :-(
    Hope you and One have a fabulous time in Florida soaking up the sun...and writing.

  2. I think you can post a link to your FB page. When you are on the page, copy the url in the address bar, then copy it to your blog.

    Then I will go be your fan on FB!

    I'm thinking of creating a professional page for myself. I'm already an admin of a page and found that you have to make sure you have comment while on the appropriate page. Luckily for me, I have a co-admin who deleted that post! :)

  3. Anonymous30.3.11

    Wait... you will be AWAY?! And this week Dee's site is MOVING?! Ack, I'm gonna need to go lie down and rest my head. And probably eat more cake.

    I'll send Daniel to find you on FB.

  4. Thank you, my early readers! Okay, I imbedded my link in the text. Next, I'll have to link all the various media, which has thus far proven beyond my expertise. I'm going to hire a teeenager to help me.

  5. This is way beyond the technical powers of your mother but perhaps you will show me when you get here. I am SOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to being with you and One. Can't wait to hug you. AND we can provide the quiet and peaceful setting for writing to help you finish the d--- book. ILY

  6. The LWD is going for dark for a week? What about my routine?!? I'm going to have to go to Julie's place for cake and commiseration.

    But I'm glad that you will be spending time with MomMom and One. I hope that you have a great time and get to relax a bit. I also hope that it provides some inspiration for your book, although enjoyment should be the first priority!

    Have fun! We'll be here when you get back!

  7. Done! We'll miss you while you're gone, and the missing will be tinged with envy. So enjoy it.

    I considered the whole facebook thing for a while. I've had a personal page for years, but haven't started a fan page, yet. I felt it was a bit premature for me to start a page called "Delia Moran-Author" when I haven't pubbed anything. We'll see. For now, though, it's off my business cards.

    If you need help linking and you can't get a teenager to do it, send me an email. Also, you can write posts ahead of time and schedule them to go up by themselves. Just sayin'.

  8. I'll LIKE you as soon as I'm home. THey won't let me fb at work...wonder why?

    But I have a demand. If I have to live w/o your blog for a week, you have to promise to drink a pina colada on the beach. I don't care if it has alcohol in it. I'll even let you substitute some other fruity frozen drink but I must insist upon it.

    And don't mess with me on this. I lost my shit over a load of laundry at 6am. I am NOT to be trifled with.

  9. Thank you, all, for "Liking" me.

    @ Delia: Yeah, I know what you mean about the facebook. I'm actually thinking of doing the reverse-eliminating my personal page, and keeping the "fan" page. That way, I won't be subjected to status updates from Two's ridiculous friends. Mostly, I like that I can post to Twitter from it.

    Don't worry; I will post all fabulous news regarding your career on my page, with a link to your blog. I may have to call you to figure it out, though.

  10. So, I Like you! I really Like you. Apologies, but someone had to make a Sally Field reference. It was like waiting for another shoe to drop.

    I think you are my first Like on FB, which is appropriate. I hope that Florida is restful and productive. Give my regards to Sibby and Cal. Tell them we miss them.

  11. Done! The liking, that is. Still working on my jealousy over your trip. ;)

  12. Forgot to mention, totally Team Edward. Have you seen that boy? Chisled jaw, lovely smile, piano hands...mmm, piano hands. Besides, I like 'em tall and lanky. With piano hands.

    Also, I'm pretty sure he's not young enough to be my son, so that's another win. ;)

  13. @Lora: Pappou is totally down for the frozen drinks, so I think I can fulfill that request.

    @Carrie: At this point, there is a potential nor'easter headed my way, so it may interfere with my plans! Waaaaa...
    But thanks for "Liking" me!

    @Delia: I am absolutely old enough to be that boy's mother. But I still don't care. It's like ogling fine art. He worked hard for that body, and I think we should all show the proper appreciation for his effort.

  14. I was too late. But I still think being #26 counts. It says "Oh pooh your little 25. I can get 26!"


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