26 March 2011

Saturday Snapshots

It's time to visually review our week. As you all know, I was so happy for the advent of Spring.
Here is the first day. And the day after. And the day after that.

This is what I have looked like since November. This is a rueful smile, not a happy one. I loved this hat when I bought it. Now I plan to burn it.

The garden gnome is prepared for any threat that may come his way, including bad weather.

The last of the Thin Mints. We are waiting on our cookie connection.

The sorry substitute, until we make the connection.

The reason I don't let Five eat Oreos in the playroom. I found this UNDER the art desk. The dog cannot believe he didn't spot it first.

Because of all the cookies.

Thanks, as always, for spending time with me. Have a great weekend!


  1. Yay! Now I know what you look like! Also, I may have to yell at you next time you talk about losing weight. You only have one chin. In my book, that makes you a stick.

    That five. He's a kid after my own heart, licking out all the filling like that. (Though, I wouldn't have wasted the cookies. I just wouldn't have enjoyed them as much as the filling.)

  2. Anonymous26.3.11

    Great photos. Now I need to go get some Spring Oreos though. Thanks for the reminder.
    (You look great in that hat!)

  3. @Delia: The extra chin slid south with everything else. Yes, isn't Five wasteful? I wish I had a kid that only liked the cookie part so they could work together.

    @Julie: You're welcome for the reminder. Bonus: the special Oreos are always double-stuffed!

  4. I don't eat Oreos because I only like the middle part. My little brother was the same way. One time my mom came home from work and found my brother in the backyard on one of the loungers. Next to him was an empty bag of Oreos, a plate stacked with Oreo outsides, and a very sick dog, who'd obviously not been able to eat all the cookies. I think Mom hid the Oreos thereafter. Or Dad punished us with death for doing that again.

    I'm with Delia: You look great!! And if the chins went south, then that makes them useful for sticking in the bra because the boobs went south, too! (The benefit, I guess, of never having children is that my boobs are still up there, only a little dragged down by gravity. The tradeoff is I don't have any funny stories to tell about kids.)

  5. Glad to SEE you Meg (and really 'commenters' she is much more beautiful in person.)

    I have much kinder weather in store for you next week. Damn the Oreos and Thin Mints and bring your bathing suit. ILY

  6. Ah. i recognize those mint oreos..I barfed one recently when a kid offered me one as snack and I foolishly thought it was an ordinary cookie only to be woefully surprised by Unexpected Mintness. Ew.

    PS Keebler Grasshopper cookies are killer good subs for thin mints. Keep em in the freezer. or, you know, Don't if you actualy want to stop eating.

  7. But I love the cookie part! THough probably not after it's been licked by various children not my own.


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