12 March 2011

Saturday Snapshots

There is nothing wrong with me. I went to the doctor, and he found me unremarkable. This is a good thing, medically-speaking, and the predicted diagnosis. Specifically, my symptoms point to nothing more than a virus. So, I get to take some over-the-counter Prilosec, and I should try and reduce my stress. Ha ha ha ha ha! That reminded me of Chrysanthe's pleasant suggestion from yesterday, wherein I relax and let everyone take care of me. Ah, 'tis a lovely dream.  Here is what the upcoming week looks like:

Remember how I said I was trying to be more organized? This is the current system, which was actually off-line for most of the winter, because the white boards warped from the constant heat spewing from the baseboard. I hung the horseshoes this way to keep the good luck in, but a friend said they should go the other way, to push the evil down. Who knows? No, really-who among you has an opinion?

My secret weapon against the stress.

The all-season tree! It has been de-Valentined, and awaits the Spring motif.

Lastly, perhaps you remember the post about the Captain's birthday. In it, I reprinted a letter, as per the request of my friend Maccabee. He had offered $100 for the pleasure of reading it again. True to his word, I received a check in the mail. Silly man. However, I always tell the boys not to make foolish bets, because they might have to pay up. So, I'm cashing the check, and donating the money to charity. Maccabee has a boxer, also one of the Captain's favorite breeds, so some of the proceeds will go to this organization:

Believing in Big Love means being a steward of the earth, and all the creatures upon it.

Thanks for another great week, all. I'm mulling an idea for stress-free Sunday posting, so that the Lone Woman is never lonely. But for now, enjoy your weekend, and we'll talk on Monday!


  1. Anonymous12.3.11

    Great post! I want to hear more about the all season tree.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Anonymous12.3.11

    I beg to differe with the doc, YOU are truly remarkable! But ya know, otherwise do what that medical person says. I don't even play one on TV. Whew, glad it was (as we say around The Burrow) a Whole Buncha Nuthin.
    Thanks for the photos! Happy weekend.

  3. Anonymous12.3.11

    Crap. Typo, blame the guy who just woke up and is now bothering me, the one sitting right over <--- there.

  4. I love this new Saturday format. The pictures are terrific! Can't wait to see the tree's Spring theme.

    While I'm glad that you are not seriously ill, I'm sorry that the doctor didn't have some sort of magical pill that would erase all symptoms in 24 hours. They have pills like that, right?? I've seen them advertised on television. Stupid virus.

  5. What? No Shamrocks on the tree? Does raising your boys Catholic mean you are not half Irish anymore? Tee hee!
    (can you let me know if my posts, post?

  6. And I'm glad that you picked the Boxer rescue charity. A great way to honor the Maccabees in our life!

  7. "That reminded me of Chrysanthe's pleasant suggestion from yesterday, wherein I relax and let everyone take care of me."

    Well, if YOU don't take it seriously, nobody else will!! It could happen you know. Glad you're feeling a bit better though. Maybe it was just "an episode."

  8. @Bobbi: Your posts post! And I am still half Irish, which makes the kids like one-fourth, but mostly I just have not yet purchased the obnoxious decorations. We'll see how much I can get done before Thursday.

    @Janet: I would like that magic pill. I can't claim credit for finding the boxer rescue charity. That is the card Maccabee sent me. Either way, I'm happy to contribute, and the balance of funds will now go to Japan, in some fashion.

    @Chrysanthe: I think I will let them take care of me tomorrow. Today was too busy. I hope it's an episode, but I actually suspect my gall bladder is trying to kick. I wish it would, as it's been a bother for years now. But I will follow the doctor's suggestions (how unlike me!) and see how I feel in ten days.

    @Julie: We have a joke here about how everyone in the family asks me for medical advice. Somewhere along the way, they decided that because my mother was a nurse, and I can pronounce medical terms, I must know what I'm talking about. I always preface my diagnoses with: "I am not a medical professional, and I don't even play one on t.v." and then I tell them my opinion anyway. I think that as long as I don't prescribe meds, I'm legally covered.

  9. I say put the horseshoes in whatever direction pleases you most aesthetically. Please the gods of fun.


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