05 March 2011

Saturday Snapshots

I miss you guys on the weekend.  But I really don't have the wherewithal to write every single day of the week. However, I feel I must give you something to look at on Saturday and Sunday, instead of stale Failures. So here is my idea. On Saturdays I will post some pictures about the things I talk about. Not the kids, of course. I might post pictures of parts of them (not those parts), but perhaps Five's eternally furrowed brow, or Four's kissy lips. But just for today, here's what I have:

This is the beloved Grover, and some of Five's new favorites. Left to right: Bamboo, Clover, Grover, Coconut, and Slush. These are the new Beanie Boos, bug-eyed relatives of Beanie Babies. Apparently, they come pre-programmed to spring a leak as soon as purchased, because I have already sewn three out of four of them (hang tough, Bamboo!).

These are Bakugan and Beyblades. The Bakugan start off as balls, but when they touch metal, they open up into cool creatures. The Beyblades are battle tops, played in an arena.

This is the boys' bathroom light above their sink. I went in there today and found that a tall person had been having fun with a Bakugan.

This is the Big Bed. I get to snuggle in the valley between the mattresses.

The Tingler. I tried to get a picture of it on Three's head, but he was already asleep. It looks painful, but it's oh so good.

Last week's breakfast run. I love Costco and Walmart. This lasts about two weeks.

And finally...
Our new pet, if Five has anything to say about it.
Then, we're moving on to pandas.

Have a great Saturday everyone!


  1. Anonymous5.3.11

    Ohmydeargawd thank you so much! (We had, what we called, The Seven Dwarfs bed, three single mattresses all shoved together, where they all slept. It was hell getting out of there!)
    Happy weekend to you guys.

  2. Very nice. I love that Clover and Grover have rhyming names. I'm not sure why, maybe b/c I'm so damn nauseous that I'm easily entertained. I have confiscated many a bakugan in my career...I know those magnetic dudes well.

  3. PS I get a real bloated mouse vibe from Mr. Chinchilla there. Not bunny-cuteness.

  4. I love the picture of Grover and his pals. They all look so happy together.

    The chinchilla, on the other hand, is repulsive. Yuck. But I have to say it does make you think about how many of them you would need to make a coat. They awful, but it's still very sad. Like Five, I have deep sympathy for the Endangered.

  5. Love the pictures!

  6. Those are awesome. And I'm not sure I've ever actually seen a chinchilla before, so also educational! As annoying as it is to gfcf grocery shop, I can not imagine what it's like to stock a kitchen/pantry for five boys. May God bless you and send you lots of coupons. :)

  7. Megan, I had to read the last caption twice. The first time through I thought you said the chinchilla WAS your new pet. :o And I have to agree with lora96 about the warm & fuzzy factor this creature generates.

    On our front, daughter has decided she would like a Jack Russell and is saving her money. One breeder's website states this to be a 12-20 year commitment! That's like another kid.

  8. Anonymous6.3.11

    Great pics! Happy weekend!

  9. No worries, everyone, I'm hanging tough on the "no chinchillas" rule. I also wonder exactly how "endangered" they really are, if they can be purchased at PetSmart. Hmmm, Five may be trying to pull one over on me.

    @Sarah: I think the gfcf is more difficult. The boys DO eat a lot of food, and drink A LOT of milk. If I had known we would have this many children, I would have bought a cow.

    @Chrysanthe: The smaller dogs live forever, and never leave for college. I've already told Leo that when Five leaves, so does he.


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