18 March 2011

The Play's The Thing

This evening, the Captain and I went to see Two in the high school spring musical. It is a production of "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying." Two has one funny line at the beginning of the play, and then performs with the ensemble. I often refer to him as "Jack of all Trades, Master of None," but I'm beginning to think that might be a misnomer. He's really quite the actor.

Two also performed in the fall drama, which was a quirky Tom Stoppard play called  "The Real Inspector Hound." When we met the director at a school event, she told us how impressed she had been with Two's audition. We were surprised, and intrigued. When we saw him on the stage, we understood. It was a small cast, and he had a significant role. His Aunt Janet came to one of the performances, and commented that he and the dear, departed Sean O'Neil were probably the best actors on the stage, because they were really in the scene, communicating, having a conversation.

Tonight I noticed this same ability. I know that Two wishes he had a larger role. But each time he was on stage, he was completely in character, and acting in the moment. He was really commited to the part. I made sure I told him what I had seen, and how I thought he had real talent. He was appreciative of the compliment, and seemed proud of his work.

I consider myself outgoing, and I have no difficulty talking to strangers. But it takes real confidence to get up and perform in front of an audience. I only did it a few times as a teenager, and I remember it as a nerve-wracking experience. Two has no jitters. We've asked him if he gets anxious before an audition, or performance. Nope. He's at ease with himself, and that's a gift, especially for a teenager. It's such a tumultuous time in life. To find something you enjoy doing, that you're good at, can be a lifeline through those murky years.

I know I've commented on Two's slacker tendencies in other areas. But theatre requires real dedication, as an individual, and to the community. I'm grateful he's found a calling. It may not be his life's work, but that's not important. With each performance, he's crafting a better man.

What do you enjoy doing? What do you do well? Is there something that makes you feel satisfyingly whole?

(The Diaries may be my thing).


  1. That is fantastic that he has something he loves so much and can do well. Way to go, Two.

    For me it's the writing. Which is to say, I enjoy doing it. I've yet to discover whether or not I'm any good at it. (Not that it would stop me if I were horrendous, you understand.)

    And, yes, you are good at the Diaries. But I still want the book.

  2. Anonymous18.3.11

    Oh I miss those school plays, in a love/hate way. I adorded seeing the kids on stage, and yet I was a wreck of nerves, should anyone (didn't have to be a person I had given birth to) make a slip or miss a cue.
    Great job Two! And way to go Mom, for seeing this (and saying you saw it)!

    Funny about your question, our blogs are starting to really over-lap, in a cool although slightly creepy way. I was writing tonight about how I love being able to help people from my own wee corner of the world.

    I guess I am good at being a witch!

  3. Nice job, Two. And I totally agree with Five today, Megan. In fact, there really are only 2 servings in a box of Thin Mints. Many women will attest to this.

  4. @Delia: I am actually going to write some of the book today! I am going in to rescue my hero, who has been stuck running down a long road for about two weeks now, and would like to reach his destination. I'm bringing Gatorade.

    I like the blog because it's a daily writing deadline, and it forces me to practice. Plus, I get to hang out with you guys.

    @Julie: Yes, I think we are all on the same wavelength, as my mother used to say. I was thinking about posting poetry on Sundays, and today Lora shared some of her favorites on her blog (LitDiva, folks).

    @Chrysanthe: I am almost done eating an entire box of Samoas. Those Girl Scouts are evil.

  5. Congrats to Two!! I'm glad that it went well and I hope that he has a blast in the next two performances. I was involved in the theater program when I was in high school and it was always a fantastic experience.

    I'm not sure about a thing that I'm especially good at. I'm more of a Master of None type of person. I do love solving puzzles and problems, but I don't think that counts as a skill. Just obsessive tendencies applied to specific situations.

    As for you - I would concur that writing definitely is your gift! And I'm so grateful that you figured it out so that I could become one of your devoted readers.

  6. Sometimes I am impelled to give you some background, just so that you understand your own family better. The twinnies will recall that the Captain "performed" in the school musical ("The Music Man") during senior year of high school. They no doubt found it lofty of him to do so. Others of us know that he did it to . . . ahem . . . spend time with the drama girls. I still titter when I recall stories about the after-party. I am certain, nevertheless, that Two's motives are pure. But if Three starts talking about doing a little "Shipoopi," you'd better be sure that it's not the horizontal version.

  7. The question today was also about what makes us happy, so there wasn't supposed to be pressure to be awesome at anything in particular.

    However, I can state with conviction, that Janet excels at sorting lots of small toys, and placing them in their proper places. She has endless patience with Legos, and will spend an inordinate amount of time figuring out how to open and close giant Bakugan.

    She taught me everything about my computer that I haven't figured out on my own, with the exception of cut and paste, courtesy of the Captain. Yes, people, I only learned the most basic computer functions last year.

    Janet is also an outstanding editor, and is currently putting her skills to good use as an administrator over at Mets Geek.

    Unfortunately, she's not very good at recognizing her skills.

  8. @Megan - Thanks for the lovely testimonial. It makes me smile. And solving the Bakugan dilemma was a very proud moment for me!

  9. @Maccabee: As we left the play, the Captain reminisced about how he concentrated very hard, counting his steps, during his big dance number. I've not heard the after-party stories, but I can imagine...


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