21 March 2011

It's Sprung

Today is the first day of Spring. Of the four seasons we experience here in New Jersey, Spring is my favorite. I love the beginning, because it means, technically, the long, hard winter is done. This does not come with a guarantee of no more snow. I have experienced more than one white Easter in my lifetime. But now, even when if it is still cold, the air has a different smell . It has a hint of water and dirt to it, like Earth is defrosting.

Last week, I noticed the first true signs of Spring aborning. I opened my front door, and scared a chipmunk. Chipmunks hibernate under the stairs that snake up the side of my driveway. Later that evening, I stood outside with the dog and heard the peepers. Frogs. It seems early to hear the frogs, but they start singing in the vernal pools that form as the snow melts. In the late Spring, their chirping combines with the crickets buzzing, and the resultant cacophany drowns out all sounds of civilization. It's a beautiful thing.

The final, truest sign of the new season was the Animal Control truck in my neighborhood. The bears have arisen.

We have quite a few black bears in my neck of the woods, and they, unlike the chipmunks and garter snakes, are not true hibernators. If we have a mild winter, they drift in and out of sleep, occasionally wandering out for something to eat. It's like my dream vacation. But this winter was not mild. Like the rest of us, the bears hunkered down, and are only now emerging. One, Four and Five took the dog for a walk through the neighborhood the other day, and a kind man told them he'd seen a bear wander through his yard. They turned around and came home. It's best to avoid the hungry bears.

The earth is awakening, and renewing itself.  Spring always makes me want to do the same. I get to slough off the sleepy, old me, and think about growing. I am mulling some Megan-improvement projects, to go along with the rest of the Spring cleaning. Hopefully, the work won't prove to be too arduous-more on par with window washing than ditch digging. Necessary, but not back-breaking.

Has Spring arrived for you?


  1. Makes me want to read The Mouse, the Big Hungry Bear and the Red Ripe Strawberry (Audrey Wood, I think). I may just do that. I'm up at damn 3am anyway to get a jump start on my daily nausea. Blech.

    I love your blog, your writing style, and your star backdrop still. Just saying.

    Also, saw a ROBIN outside my fence two days ago,. Springggggggg!

  2. Spring was here yesterday, and last Thursday and Friday were just wonderful. But today, the first day of spring, it is a wintry mix out there-- The ground has an awful white coating! UGH.

  3. Yesterday my sister and I took our nephew to the aquarium in Norwalk. It's mostly an indoor activity. However, there was enough outside in the day to make me feel like Spring is here. This morning I am at the airport waiting for a flight. It's grey, rainy and ugly, but still more Spring than Winter.

  4. @Lora: I consider a compliment from a nauseous insomniac high praise indeed! May the robins continue to sing, and Sweet-Pea grow out of this stage.

    @Chrysanthe: Yes; Mother Nature read the blog, and sent snow.

    @June: Wishing you a safe, uninterrupted-by-any-world-leaders journey!

  5. Spring! Isn't it wonderful? It's supposed to snow here today, and we usually can count on the bears not showing up until after April first, but still...spring!

    I hope one of your Megan improvement projects includes finishing the novel, because I need to read that sucker.

  6. @Delia: I used to write for a few hours every morning, until I discovered all the fascinating people in the blogosphere! But today I decided to back-pedal a little. I'm going to keep the Diaries as my evening writing assignment, and set aside some morning hours for the novel. But keep pestering me-it's motivating!

  7. I am so pleased that Spring has arrived. I'm choosing to ignore the snow and sleet outside my window this morning. But the lovely weather on Thursday and Friday has done wonders for my mood. I feel like a new woman.

    I like the idea of Spring improvement projects. I might have to retain my winter improvement projects. Seems a little silly to add new ones, when the old ones still need work!

  8. The daffodils beside my house have bloomed!

  9. Though my body is aching, I experienced Spring in my 'start up' yard work. Am a woman who loves my hands in the dirt; even if it sometimes means on the handle of a rake!

  10. Anonymous22.3.11

    I'm late , I'm late! The boys came home last night just in time to fix my crappy old computer, but it caused a disruption in my evening events. Good thing we talked about the same topic today. Although yours was way better than mine.
    Wow, just glad I didn't miss a day, that would have really messed with my head!

  11. @Julie: It messed with mine! "Where's Julie?" I wondered at 6 AM. Glad you're back!

    @Carrie and Bobbi: Daffodils, digging, and dirt, oh my! It's truly spring when things are blooming...I'm jealous. Bobbi-I have that recessive farmer gene, too!


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