11 March 2011

If There Are Typos, It's Because I Was Sleeping

Hello, gentle readers. The Lone Woman is mysteriously ill. Or, perhaps, I am felled by a mysterious illness? Either way, this will be a lame post.

Not to be all whiny about it, because that's Five's job, but I'm just not myself. I've had  low level stomach pain for a week now, a rash has bloomed on my face, and I'm exhausted. No; more than my usual exhaustion. Fall asleep behind the wheel, or whilst typing, exhausted. Today, I laid down on my bed fifteen minutes before I had to get Five from his bus, and I awoke to the doorbell ringing. My neighbor had been kind enough to get him and drive him home. It's not good, people.

So, I have an appointment with the doctor. It takes a lot to get me to the doctor. And, I'll admit, the rash freaked me out almost more than the narcolepsy. My face is old skin, but it's good skin. I don't break out, and it's relatively wrinkle-free. I'm afraid the doctor will diagnose it as something benign, like rosacea, because my skin is also Irish, and pale. And all the other symptoms will just be viral. Which is why it's annoying, and a little disappointing to go to the doctor. I don't really want a serious illness, and I'm happy to feel better than Lora, but it's hardly worth the trip for something picayune.

I just spent the last half-hour sleeping through the end of "Castle," so now I'm off to bed for more of the same. I'll let you know how it all turns out. I've most likely got a case of old-chick-itis, or worse, peri-menopause. If that's true, you may not hear from me for a few days. I'll be in bed, crying.


  1. Anonymous11.3.11

    Peri-menopause: also survivable.
    Wishing you good luck for a good result with a good doctor.

  2. @Julie: Wah. I know. Sometimes I feel all "hey, I'm totally rockin' my age!" and other times, it's more, "WTF? How did I get this old?" Thanks for the wishes-

  3. Oh no! So sorry you're feeling awful. Glad you're going to the doctor, though. Those sudden rashes are nothing to fool with. Wishing that the doctor can make you all better in short order. Good luck.

  4. I don't think it's peri-menopause. I don't think that strikes suddenly! LOL

    Glad you're going to the doctor and I know your family will take very good care of you this weekend. You've certainly laid a good foundation for that, don't you think? It's your turn to cash in on the love. hugs + healing thoughts~

  5. That sucks that you feel sick. I hope the doctor has something useful to say. And I'll be thrilled if it turns out to be something picayune!

    And let me make one other thing perfectly clear - You ARE totally rocking your age!! Don't make me drag out all the documentation to prove it!

  6. I know you hate to go to the doctor but I am so glad you are. As annoying as it is, sometimes it's worth it to have someone tell you its just a virus. Get some rest and feel better soon.


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