23 March 2011

Exciting Eighteen

At some point each day, I wonder what I will post on the blog. I'm not consciously evaluating all happenings for blog-worthiness, but around dinner time I start to worry. Mostly, because I don't really cook dinner. It's more "diner" in my house, due to individual eccentricities, and extracurricular schedules. If you are a good eater with varied tastes, you suffer here. If you like your food previously prepared and heated in some fashion, then you are in the  right place. Anywho, when I am done feeding the pack, I begin reviewing ideas.

Tonight I was going to talk about how my brain is misinterpreting the motivational weight-loss messages I have posted in my kitchen. Then I considered transcribing the inane conversation between Two and Three. But when I signed in to the "Diaries," I saw that I had acquired a new follower! In that joyful moment, all other ideas flew out the window.

I have had an unbalanced number of squares at the bottom of the blog for weeks. Seventeen squares to be exact. I don't dislike odd numbers, but I was beginning to loathe seventeen. I implored family members to recruit someone just to fill in the blank. So, to see the little silhouettes and icons perfectly balanced in their rows stirred my soul.

It may seem a tad overreactive to celebrate eighteen followers, but the moment was about more than adding a box. I remember how excited I was to read Julie's first comment, because it was from someone I didn't know personally. And as each of you have joined in, or read from afar, you've bolstered my dream of writing. It isn't logical that the opinion of strangers would matter more than that of my loved ones, but with each new reader I feel  a deep sense of validation, and obligation. I want to get better, for you.

Today, I joined Twitter. I don't even know how it works, but I signed up because I'm ordering business cards. I think of them more as "calling cards," because I'm not actually in business.  But I am pursuing a career as a writer, in some fashion, so I thought it smart to have a contact card to hand out at the conference. And I want the world to reach me however they can, including Twitter. I told my husband, and he bit his tongue. He supports me wholeheartedly, but the social media thing freaks him out a bit. He's more private than I am, so he worries. He paused after hearing the news, and said, "Now, go finish the book."

I might be putting the horse before the cart, or simply driving the horse insane by taking it down a slew of paths instead of that nice, straight road toward the novel. But I like the exploration, the discovery of all the writing trails. Plus, I have great guides.

Welcome, Number Eighteen, the Great Equalizer: Lydia K.


  1. Anonymous23.3.11

    Wait, there were UN-EATEN Oreo's in your couch?! Not that we've never had "found" food in interesting places (I won't tell you about the time I woke up with a licked clean bagel stuck to my back) ... just never Oreo's.

    Next order of business: how do I find you on the tweety? I looked but you didn't come up. Follow me and then I can click on you. I'm the only UrthaLun out there.

    Congrats on 18! (Any day now it will be 118.)

    Also, Daniel and your Captain are VERY much alike!

  2. @Julie: Hahaha! He didn't find UNEATEN Oreos, he just asked to eat some Oreos, while sitting on the couch. I went back an removed "the" from the failure, to be more clear. Mind you, I'm pretty sure my children would eat any M&M they found, anywhere, with no hesitation. But in this particular case I said no because Five doesn't EAT the cookies, so much as pull them apart, lick them, gnaw a little on the cookie and then discard them, leaving a trail of fine, chocolate dust.

    I am TheMeganCoakley, or is it @TheMeganCoakley? I need a Twitter tutorial. I'll go follow you, and see how to find me!

  3. You're funny, Meg! Check your email about the biz cards. And would it bother you to know that on my screen, the addition of #18 makes the rows UNBALANCED? They were nice and symmetrical before...

    Love Five today. Precious.

  4. @chrysanthe: How can seventeen be balanced? That's odd. And I do feel badly about it for you, because it drove ME crazy, and I'm not a Virgo.

  5. I have to remind myself daily that I'm not a failure simply because I didn't add any followers. LOL.

    I hope you included "Mother to Five Amazing Boys" on your business card, as it is indeed something few could do as well as you.

  6. Uh oh. There's nineteen now. You've got a dangler. Can I just ask, what did you put on your business card? I'm still trying to figure that out. I mean, contact information, naturally, but what else? I don't think I can go all Tawna Fenske and put a picture of myself.

    Congrats on your huge following. Off to find you on Twitter! (And, yes, it's @TheMeganCoakley. For future reference.)

  7. @Sarah: I'm just really happy anyone reads it! And now, dammit, there's an uneven number again.

    @Delia: Okay, just for you, here's the preview of the card:



    With all the various ways to reach me. But not for procreation, because that ship has sailed.

    I am considering using my Mad Men icon, a la Tawna, because it will never age, or have a bad hair day. I am trying to have a cohesive color scheme that references the "Diaries," but I may be overthinking things.

  8. @Delia: P.S. If you find me let me know, so I can accurately direct people. In other words, do the work for me. Thanks!

  9. Couldn't find you, Megan. Try looking for me, @AlphaDelia. (See, I want my name to myself, too. :) )

  10. @Delia: I am following you! I have changed my twitter name to @TheLoneWoman, for brand recognition, and because there were all those other pesky Megans. Next up:linking!

  11. And now you have 20!

    I love "Writer, Blogger, Procreator". Branding is mucho importante. And I'm still trying to figure it out for my regular professional brand. When I turn my attention to actual writing for myself, I'll check with you to see how your branding has gone.

    Good for you for the @TheLoneWoman. Excellent. I can't use my full name because it's taken. When I changed my name legally, i had no idea that there would be enough others to matter. Well, who already had brands (one is a photographer). So I haven't hit on a Twitter for professional purposes. I'm @Skye_Writes for regular purposes. Do you like Castle? Cuz some of us are going to watch it recorded (for me it will be hulu) and IM about it. Feel free to join. I don't know when yet. It's Jen_Ann, Sierrakat, and DeborahBlake so far.

  12. Hooray for your new followers. I don't know much about Twitter but I'm glad you are all set. I'm a little like The Captain. The social network thing make me very edgy. Still, that is why you guys are writers and we are readers, I guess.

    On another note, I am out of town this week. As a result, the menu at the top of your blog is in Portuguese! It looks very international.

  13. @Skye: thanks for getting us back to an even number, and for the "Castle" invite. I call it my "fluffy" show-just pure enjoyment. I'll see if I get tech-savvy enough by the time you watch!

    @June: Como esta? I love being an international woman of mystery.

  14. I like the business card description. Mine would be Knocked Up and Nauseated, I presume.

  15. @Lora: Yes; for now. And then it would revert back to its simple glory:


    Leave your information.
    I may deign to contact you.

  16. Love the LitDiva business card! But don't forget:

    Best Teacher EVER

    I think that needs to be on it, too!

  17. @Janet: I agree! And perhaps a handy lesson:

    I have IMPLIED that I am

    You will now INFER it.


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