26 February 2011

The Week: End, Please

I just got back from driving Two and five of his friends home from a party. It was a classic Two move: I drove him and two friends to the party, told him to see if he could get a ride home, and he texted me at 11 to say I should come get him, John, Anthony, Mikey, Charlie, and Keenan. But that it was okay, because most of them were going to the same house. They were not. It was an  hour long round trip. I will say, however, that it was almost funnier listening to a car full of teenage boys than it was yesterday with the young 'uns. It was a non-stop comedy routine, with intermittant sing-alongs.

I had an irritating day, which was the culmination of the longest twelve days of my life. The disjointed school breaks wore me out. I felt out of sorts the whole time. So even though it was a pain in the ass to drive them all over Kingdom Come, they made me laugh. A few hours ago I was ranting about how much I hate team sports, and doctors, for any species. I'm too tired to go into it right now, but I'm pretty sure it's displaced anger. Valid, displaced anger, but nonetheless, I can continue to stew, or work on my letting-go skills this weekend.

Now I'm off to bed, and hopefully, a normal weekend. I'm not even sure what that means. I'll let you know how it all turns out. Okay: break!

Damn team sports.


  1. Anonymous26.2.11

    I was always the "late night" ride (because obviously I would never have made it as the "early morning" one, lol), and I got to hear (often be a part of) some of the best teenaged conversations. It's a nice break sometimes, and in your case, a decent end to that difficult (and chaotic) stretch.
    Ha ha, here's to circling around normal!

  2. It's fantastic that you're willing to be your sons' safe ride home and to help out their friends as well so they don't end up hopping in the truck of some dumbass with a learner's permit (at least that's how we rolled where I come from).

    Hope you have a less eventful weekend!

  3. My wish for your weekend is that it's completely uneventful. Also, what Lora said.

  4. @Lora: Yes, thankfully we don't yet have to worry about the driving crowd (they skew older). In this instance, I didn't even mind going to get them. It's the misinformation that drives me nuts!

    Looking toward the future, I've had many a discussion with Two and his friends about driving under the influence, or with someone who has been drinking. I have stressed that I will come get them, anytime, anywhere, with no questions or judgment. I worried about telling the friends that they could call me instead of their parents, but I decided that if it meant I saved them from death or jail, their parents wouldn't mind.

    Along those same lines, I also remind them never to speak to the police without their parent or attorney present. Our local PD is ...enthusiastic about enforcing the law.

    @Delia: if by "uneventful" you mean spending the night in bed with a puking seven year old, then we are on track.

  5. My dad has said that parents find out the most information when driving their kids & their kids' friends. Apparently we (my friends & I) let down our guard and thought the car was driving itself, because we talked far more freely than we would have under other circumstances.

    It's good that you're willing to be that parent. My parents were always willing to come & get me, or figure out money for a cab. Now I've turned into that friend who either always drives, or figures out rides/places to crash for everyone else. Oh, responsibility.

    I echo Delia's wish for an uneventful weekend, though I'm really sorry about the puking 7 year old.

  6. Oh no! Well, since uneventful failed, I wish you much gingerale and saltines and no whining.


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