05 February 2011

...To you and you and you

Adieu, adieu...until Monday. Thanks for another great week, all!

Psst: I'm going to the conference.


  1. Anonymous5.2.11

    Have a wonderful weekend. And now, back to me, lol. No, really have a great time with your guys.
    For the next several days I am going to... ha ha ha, help my youngest move! Yes, she has a home again. Whew!
    Also, you are welcome for yesterday. Really glad you are going to this event. Can I now tell you where my trip was? Hawaii!!! It was about eight or so years ago now, but hell, it was ... Hawaii!

  2. Julie: good luck with the move! Everyone should have a home. Away from their parents. Hawaii! I would be referencing that often these days-yay look! it's sleeting!

  3. Have a wonderful weeekend!


  4. hey, megan! your sister in law - my dear friend, michele- suggested i read your awesome blog! so glad she did. i'll stop by again!


    ps- glad you decided to go to the conference! :)

  5. liz: Welcome- it's always nice to meet someone new (thanks, Michele)! I do hope, however, that you read some of the posts with more words. They're a little more interesting than this one!


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