07 October 2011

Ah, Friday

It's been an arduous week. I've had to fight to get Four on the bus almost every day, which is draining. He really doesn't like school. He may not mind it when he gets there, but he has no great desire to go. He has a few friends in his class, but I hear about the "bully" more often. The class and home work has increased this year, and we're still adjusting. So, every morning this week I've dragged Four up the driveway as he complains. I wrestle him into the van seat, talking, soothing, and occasionally threatening, until his anger fades to simple tears. It grinds my heart to send him off crying.

I feel for him. School is difficult and exhausting when you're brain is distracted. Four also has sensory issues that make writing tiring, something we're familiar with from One. It's a long day for my special boy, and when he gets home he just wants to crash on the couch. But I can't let him, because if we wait to do homework, he won't finish until after dinner. And then he's really fried. Instead, I bribe him with treats to get it done right after he gets home. We're having limited success.

It's mid-point through the first marking period for my older children, and Two's grades are sketchy. This depresses him, and me. He's committed to improving them, hopefully before I'm committed to an institution. I'm curious to find out about Three, because I think he's off to a good start. The middle school doesn't have electronic grade posting, so I'm in the dark until I get a progress report. It would be a nice change of pace, and a real lift for him, if his grades are high.

Cobie continues to relieve herself on my floors, even though I take her out all morning long. I've had to actually leave the house a few times this week, for an hour or so each time, and it never turns out well. We've been in contact with the national Wheaten rescue group, and we're pretty sure we can surrender her at the end of this month. It pains me to write that, and it was a difficult decision to make. But right now, I'm preparing for my mother and Pappou to move in, while juggling all my normal duties, and the dog has just pushed me over the edge. The rescue ladies are very sweet, and didn't make me feel like a complete failure. They understand her needs, and they think they can help her be successful with another family.

I'm wiped out, and that always puts me in a precarious emotional state. So, to combat the blues, I decided to look at some pictures that make me smile.
This is the view on my deck. I feel like I'm in a treehouse. I love sitting in my old Adirondack chair to drink my coffee. But autumn is on its way!

I have no idea what this blue flower is, but I'm searching for it again next year! It blooms like crazy for months!

Our famous assortment of athletic footwear. I just retrieved a pair of cleats for Four that used to belong to Two! It makes me smile when I see the ascending sizes. Two's foot is now larger than any pair of shoes in this bin.

As I pulled into the high school for Back-to-School night, I spied a giant rainbow. It was beautiful, and it lasted for a long time. It made me think of Two's friend, Sean, who passed away this year, as if he was welcoming everyone.

My huge Montauk daisy! I wait all summer for it to bloom. It is spilling over my retaining wall, and making the bees happy.

The little boys like to visit a small park near our house. It has a pond and trails. In the summer you can catch turtles and bullfrogs, if you're quick-handed.

Following my trail-blazers.

I already feel better.
Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Wonderful post, Megan. So peaceful! I love the pictures of our very pretty state. Your flowers look fantastic and the last picture of the Four and Five is beautiful. It makes me smile every time I look at it. Looks like Five is doing the talking!

    And I'm sorry that Two and Four are having a rough time. It has to be frustrating. For them and for you and the Captain. I'll be hoping that things get easier soon.

  2. Poor Four. Such a draining situation, I feel for the both of you. Please don't waste your energy feeling bad about the dog. Sometimes we just don't have the necessary tools to handle those situations. You're doing what's best for her to thrive, even if it's not with you.

    Also, your mother and father are blessed to have you, and the pictures are beautiful.

  3. Poor Four--it's too bad there isn't some other school option for him. :-( And poor you, to have to wrestle him and then face the tears every day. Mommy-pain.

  4. Anonymous8.10.11

    I feel for you and Four. My son always hated school, always begged not to go, always came home talking about a bully, always struggled with grades and organization. Until this year, when I was able to put him in Catholic school. He is so, so happy, and I didn't really understand how much strain we were both under until I saw this change in him. I'm broke now, because the tuition is awful, and this would not be an option if I had more than one child. But it hurts my heart to hear Four in the same unhappy school situation, and know how much that hurts you as a mom.

  5. Anonymous8.10.11

    On the lighter side, can I just add a question: How the @#^%$# do you get your boys to actually put their shoes in the slots?!?!? It's like my son is physically unable to pick shoes up off the floor, even though the shoe basket is RIGHT THERE...

  6. @Janet: Our state IS quite lovely. I consider it part of my job to promote the many beautiful areas I've lived in: Exit 91 and Exit 35 being just two of them.

    @Mabel: This is the alternate school, which is why it's so frustrating. He failed miserably in public school, so we were able to get him into a private school that deals with kids on the autism spectrum. It's just part of dealing with him and the disease. A really exhausting part.

    @Delia: Thanks for the kind words about the dog. I think it's the right decision for all of us.

    @Bonafide: I wish I had them trained! That's just our OLD shoe bin, where athletic shoes are retired until the next boy needs them. I have buckets under my foyer bench for our daily shoes, but they still just walk in, step out of their sneakers, and leave them as a tripping hazard. Two wears a size 13, so they are quite the obstacle. Good luck with your boy!


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