19 July 2011

Dispatches from the Beach

Hey! My computer is letting me post! I tried the other day, and it wouldn't let me do it. Before we left for vacation, I got all fancy schmancy and took my iPhone to the Ninth Circle of Hell--otherwise known as The Verizon Store--and had them turn it into a personal hotspot. I knew this ridiculously expensive house didn't have wi-fi, and I can't very well disconnect myself from the virtual world for TWO WEEKS, so it seemed like the perfect solution. Until it didn't let me post.

In reality, my personal hotspot has been used by my children, so they can access Moshi Monsters, their latest online game. I'm sure I'm paying some ridiculous overages, because I don't know how 2GB translates to real world usage. I'm fairly certain that posting to my blog uses far less memory, so I think I might steal it back from them. You know what would use even less memory? Writing my book, because that's just in my hard drive. Just sitting there, waiting for me to visit. And you know what, I'd actually like to go there and say hi to Clay and Sibby. It's lovely in Montana this time of year. Which is, coincidentally, the time and setting of the book. Hmmm, maybe I'll stop writing this post, and go over and visit.

Well, that seemed like a good idea, until I remembered that Boy Five is passed out upstairs, after suffering an allergic reaction to, we believe, too much chlorine, which made him break out in hives. I gave him an antihistamine, and then lightly smeared Benadryl gel on the really itchy parts, which means he should wake up around midnight, and keep me up until dawn. Also, I'm pretty sure Four is wandering around eating an apple, having traded in lunch for pool time, which did not make him sick. Booyah.

But either way, I have to go find him, because there are many adults here, but they're not always watching my children. Because they have their own kids. And I really only have the two I have to worry about, because the teenagers are almost self-sufficient. Not in the way that I would like, but they do manage to get up, feed themselves something, get in their bathing suits, and go. It's lovely.

We are all enjoying the space, the pool, and the time together. Or apart, because you can really hide away in the nooks and crannies here. This post is proof, because they haven't found me yet. But I really can't go write the book, because I'd have to hide for even longer, and that would be irresponsible. Maybe next week, when the Captain is here, I can get some work done. Because I really am itching to write. Remarkably, rambling, boring posts like this one are not satisfying my writing jones. Huh. Who'd a thunk it? I actually want to finish the manuscript!

It's 5:18 PM, and Two just came out with his lunch. I thought you'd find that amusing.

Until next time, when I promise to be more profound. Or lyrical. Or poignant. Or....maybe I'll just post pictures.


  1. Sounds like you're having a great time (apart from poor Five). PS I *love* that Bruno Mars song...especially the valley girl who does the "ohmygawd this is great" line. :)

  2. Anonymous20.7.11

    If Five wakes up at midnight and needs to chat, you know Dan and I will be awake, even counting in time differences (and we have Verizon too). They could talk baseball.
    (who loves your rambly posts, well I am just a huge freaking Megan fan, so that's not really a surprise)

  3. I got my iphone fixed to do lots of stuff I thought I'd do. Yeah, right. I'm paying fifteen dollars a month extra so my gkids can play various games.
    Sounds like a nice vacation. I always choose those times when I can't physically write to have a big surge of creative energy.
    Five boys - you continue to amaze me. I nearly lost my sanity raising two girls.

  4. Woot! for writing on the manuscript! (Seriously, finish already! I want to read it. No pressure.)

    Sounds like you are having a wonderful vacation. I hope Five feels better, poor kid.

  5. Five woke up at 5:30, and called, "Mom, is it tomorrow? Because I found myself asleep in my bed." Like he'd been wandering around and stumbled across his sleeping self.

    It only took until 11 PM to get him back to sleep. Not so bad, except he makes me snuggle, and then I fall asleep and miss the late-night fun. Oh, and we're in a twin bed. I've taken to sneaking out of it and laying on his cot. Oy, my back. Next week, there will be more available beds, so I'm snagging one I can share with my husband, not my seven year-old.

    More exciting updates soon!

  6. Anonymous24.7.11

    Hope you are getting to relax, and write. :)

  7. Time to ramble, that can't be bad! But you haven't posted again, so maybe not so good. I hope you're reading lots of nice books and relaxing.


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