17 June 2011

Can I Be Me In A Different Universe?

Today I am the guest blogger over at the BettyVerse. Well, I suppose I'm not a guest, just a blogger, because the BettyVerse is owned by everyBetty. It's a unique site, a spin-off of LucyMarch.com. Sort of like "Rhoda" from the "Mary Tyler Moore" show.

 Lucy's blog was a very personal account of one woman's journey of self-discovery, and the community of women that rallied around her. The 'Verse is populated by those funny, strong, empathetic women, now posting their individual stories. I recommend a visit, not just to read me, but to share in what is always a positive experience.

When I offered to write for the BettyVerse I struggled to choose a "topic."  I was a little intimidated by Lucy and Alastair, the administrators of the site. Lucy is a witty author, and Alastair is her brilliant, professorial husband.

My claim to fame is my uterus.

How was I going to impress readers, if all I brought to the table was my propensity for gender-specific procreation? What could I write about, that would be worthy of the sophisticated denizens of the BettyVerse? Who am I, and what am I trying to accomplish in my life? An identity crisis ensued.

My trepidation about guest writing dovetailed with my recent contest-induced self-doubt. I was feeling pressured to make my manuscript appeal to the expectations of a specific group of readers. Finally, I decided to just continue writing my book about a single mother and her autistic son, and how a summer spent with her large, loving family--and yes, a hot sheriff--changes her life. Maybe it will be called a "romance." Perhaps it will be considered "women's fiction." Genre guidelines change, so I can't worry about bending to fit them.

With that in mind, I submitted a story to the BettyVerse that is just like the ones I tell over here. Well, I talk about the penii more over here. And I curse. Because of the penii. But I am The Lone Woman, no matter where I go. My life is a chaotic blend of teaching, doctoring, taxi-driving, and writing. I am a mother, amazed and exhausted by my children. I am fifty percent of a married couple, but have never felt like "half" of anything.  I have always been fully, exclusively, uniquely Megan Coakley. I don't think that will ever change, no matter the venue.


  1. Anonymous17.6.11

    I forgot what I wrote about, and it doesn't air until the end of the month. I can't find it on my computer. I am SURE yours will be witty and lovely and wonderful, just like you. (Who knows what the hell mine will be?!)

    Hope I can get in, Alastair and I are having some "issues" today.
    See you over there! (I hope.)

  2. Go you!

    About your book...courageous single mother+hot sheriff= I AM STANDING IN LINE FOR THIS BOOK!

    I read your post at bettyverse already and it was so good that I won't even talk about my hemmorhoids today in the comments! How's that for support? (PS your uterus is at least capable of awesome...my current claim to fame is that preparation h makes me scream)

  3. Now, perhaps they do things differently in NJ, but in IL prom is a socially-awkward situation focused on music and dancing for kids who have regrettable taste in music and absolutely no skill at dancing. ;)

    One of my friends who homeschools her kids worked with some other homeschool moms to create a small-scale alternative to prom (that included pretty dresses and up-dos, not that either of those apply to One) for their daughters who aren't dating yet. They had fun, they took tons of pictures, and they created awesome memories of their own.

    That's a long way of saying I don't think it's so important that One have Prom Memories as it is that he have Fun Memories From High School Of Some Sort. ;)

  4. Yay! Megan - Master of the Bettyverse!! (It should be "mistress," obvi, but then the allusion makes no sense.)

    Great posts - both here and over there. I think it makes complete sense to steer One towards the more inclusive and more fun Graduation Night. As June pointed out over on the 'Verse, a prom without a date would not be fun for almost any kid. You gave him great advice and steered him away from a potentially difficult situation. In other words, you were being a vigilant mom!

  5. @Julie - I am sure your post will be wonderful, whatever it is. I look forward to it.

    @ Carrie - I love the idea of a fancy prom alternative. Dressing up is such a big part of the mystique for girls.

    Meg, as I said over at the Betty's, I don't really think that the prom was a viable option for One. He needed you to steer him to the better option. Well done.


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