07 June 2011

A Baseball Post for Daniel

When I wrote about Five's first baseball practice, Julie commented that her husband, Daniel, was so excited to read it. Daniel loves baseball, and misses watching the young folks play, now that their kidlets are grown. So, whenever I write about Five's team, I know that at least one reader is pleased! Here you go, Dan:

Tonight, Five played in one of his last baseball games of the season. It's been a horrible, rainy spring, and many of his games were cancelled. Other times, I chose to send him to Thursday Tae Kwon Do instead of practice. Once or twice, another brother had a commitment, and I kept Five home, because I still haven't figured out how to be in two places at once. Suffice to say, it's been a challenge to teach the little guy the intricacies of America's pastime.

Three and Four went with me to watch the game. Four and I have a routine now, where we flip the rear seats of the van, and use them as a desk to do his homework. Tonight, we also packed dinner, because I spent the afternoon laying on the couch, ill, and didn't quite get the food to the table. I gave Three money, because he loves the snack stand hamburgers and slushies. Four finished his homework just in time for us to make it to the stands to watch Five step to the plate.

The first time I watched one of his games, Five wanted to quit because he "embarrassed the team" by failing to make it to base all three times at bat. The next time, he fouled or struck out each time. So, I was a little apprehensive as he took his stance in the batter's box. And then his coach corrected it. And told him not to choke up so much. Okay, he was finally ready. On the fifth pitch, he made contact, and ran to first base!

I'm being kind when I say he "ran."  Five has no "kick." Or even a "stride." He runs a bit like an Irish dancer-it's all from the knees down. The coach has taken to racing alongside him in the baseline, to make him pick up the pace. Then he stays there to remind Five to sprint to second when the next batter hits the ball. I almost fell out of the bleachers laughing, when the kid running from first base passed Five, running from second, to home plate.

Five hit five times in five at-bats, which I am pretty sure means he will be highly recruited. And I haven't even talked about his fielding! He dove for two balls in the outfield, but caught neither, because he's still nervous the ball is going to hit him in the face. However, he did have an outstanding play at shortstop, where he threw himself in the dirt to stop the ball. He stood up, filthy and proud. After he threw the ball to the pitcher (almost all the way!) he shook the dirt out of his glove, and got back in the ready position, steely-eyed and freckle-faced.

When we got in the van, I told Five he would definitely need a shower, because he was covered in baseball dirt. He said, "Oh, yeah, Mom, I do! I was like Derek Jeter out there!" And then he did the play by play for his brothers, just in case they had missed any of his highlights. Despite all the hiccups in the season, he had learned, improved, and was happy.

There's another Captain in the house.


  1. This is so awesome, Megan! Five sounds like he had a great game. And I would have paid big money to see that adventure on the base paths. Big, big money, I tell you!

    And it is especially appropriate that you wrote this on the day of the Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft. It is a great omen! Onward and upwards, Five!

  2. Anonymous7.6.11

    You made me cry. For Dan, and for Five. But "happy" tears ya know? Thank you SO much for this! (How can I possibly be THIS proud of a kid I've never met?!)
    ps - What do you mean you had to go lie down? This Mystery Condition really needs to be gone!

  3. Anonymous7.6.11

    Thanks for the post!
    Tell Five I'm proud of him for going 5 for 5. Also, It gets easier to not get hit in the face - either that, or you become a catcher and get to wear a face mask.

  4. Wow! Five went five for five! That is impressive. Way to go, Five!

    Now go get some rest, Megan. I hope you feel better.

  5. Megan - When my gkids Kid Fit class plays wiffle ball the runners frequently pass each other running the bases even though the teacher has told them time and again not to.
    I have to bite my tongue to keep from laughing. Sounds like Five has budding talent - and a ready made cheering section.

  6. @Janet: Well, of course I planned this post for today! You know I am anxiously awaiting news from the draft! (What the hell IS the First-Year player draft?)

    @Julie: Sorry for the tears! Next post, I'll try and provide laughs, for balance.

    @Dan: Hmmm, catcher. I think he's too much of a 'fraidy cat. Three used to catch, and he was damn good at it. He had good defensive vision-he always knew what was happening all over the field. And he had a true gluteous maximus, which I believe is the number one requirement for a good pitcher. Currently, Five has a chicken butt, so I don't think he's ready. He'd like the mask, though.

    @Delia: I would rest, but I'm writing. For real! And it feels good.

    @Judy, Judy, Judy: The little guys are a hoot to watch. When Five and his teammate reached home at almost the same time, the coach made the hare boy slow down, so my turtle could catch up!

  7. Moo, as promised I am reading your blog from the beginning. I just finished February and have to take a break cause my butt went numb. I will select a comfier chair for the rest of my reading!I am enjoying the window into your world.

  8. @ Megan - It's Draft Day! When the MLB teams pick the high school and college kiddies in a massive two day draft. Lots of fun for diehards. Kind of a yawn for the rest of the world. But it's all about the young-uns! You would not believe the babies being chosen for this thing! Sweet and scary at the same time.

  9. @Erin: Yay, Erin's in the house, er, blog! We certainly don't want any part of you falling asleep while you read the diary, so do choose proper seating. And remember, a window into my world can also be used for emergency egress.

    @Janet: High-schoolers?!! Their mothers let them get drafted? I would cry if I watched it.


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