06 May 2011

I Slept Beside Timothy Olyphant

I fell asleep last night watching "Justified." If you are a fan of the show, you know that 53 riveting, action-packed, tension-filled minutes are coming your way every week. It is nearly impossible to look away, much less fall prey to the siren call of somnolence. So, I think I was tired.

I huffed along on the fumes of the post-conference high for the first two days of the week. But then the reality of my life caught up with me. I have at least two weeks of papers I have to rifle through, kids' sports and play commitments every day, laundry that just won't wash itself, dammit, and homework to supervise every night. Yesterday, I stood outside for an hour watching Five's baseball team attempt to catch and throw in wind gusts that would make North Dakota jealous, and I'm fairly certain that's what did me in. Too much fresh air.

I've been trapped indoors for the past eighteen months of winter, and my body just can't make a radical shift in climate conditions. It's too jarring. I need to intersperse my nature-communing with something familiar, like sitting inside, in front of a computer. I'm like a domesticated animal being introduced to the wild. I need to  work up to a few minutes outside every day, while you hand-feed me.

I have much to accomplish today. I'm trying to get the house in order for Mother's Day, a/k/a/ "Easter Redux." I have to pick Three up at school and take him to have his braces removed, and then re-deposit him, so he can attend play practice. I have phone calls to make, and I might even try to dust the guest room, in preparation for my sister's arrival on Monday. Then, she can help me clean the rest of my house! I love Erin.

All our lives are busy, and it's natural to get caught up in the whirlwind. Sometimes, though, our bodies just quit, and we need to heed that message. So, before I get moving again, I'm going to take my cup of coffee, sit down on my couch, and watch U.S Marshal Raylan Givens kick some ass. It's justified.


  1. I love Justified!! I usually don't like violent shows, but this one is so well done, it has captured me. Even the gorgeous, eye-candy women in the show are great actors.

    Erin is coming?! Hooray for you. I know there will be much rejoicing in the House of Penii.

  2. The Five Failure made me smile today. (Well, they do most days, but this one, in particular, brought back memories). I have a niece who would have told Five "That's good sharing" (because the Wonder Pets are gospel), but I doubt he would have been impressed.

  3. Damn that laundry! I got whined at once by #1 son because I brought work with me to his basketball practice. He was very disappointed in me for not watching.

    Hey, do you suppose Erin would be amenable to a few days in New England when she's done cleaning your house? I could use the help. I'm a good cook...

  4. @Delia - If you can entice Erin to your home, say yes!! Even if it means filet mignon, lobster and fancy chocolate. She is a goddess! And she is also great with decor and feng shui. Seriously, it is a no-brainer.

  5. Anonymous6.5.11

    I had a very psychic premonition that you fell asleep, because ya know, that would be SO unlikely to happen! Deargawd I don't know why you don't drop off more regularly.

    And yes, we DO need to heed those body messages. Very important.

  6. london betty7.5.11

    Just reading this made me tired! My brood (only four) are much older now - and whilst they 'still'need a lot of TLC many of them do their own washing. The 26 year old came home for Easter and had actually bought new socks and underwear - and thrown the old stuff away!
    Enjoy your down time - its vital to charge the batteries so you can jump back in.;)

  7. @london betty: I think the mothering never ends, but it's a nice thought that the laundry might! Thanks for joining us!


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