16 April 2011

Saturday Snapshots

Poor Five is sick. And tomorrow is the Tae Kwon Do tournament that he and Four begged to enter. Before Five decided that Tae Kwon Do = pain. So, I don't think he'll be participating. We'll see what the morning brings. In the meantime, here are some snapshots of my time in Florida.
Welcome to Myakaa River State Park, where we saw all the wildlife, including alligators, an armadillo, and an orange snake. 

This is called the Canopy Walk. It's a single person suspension bridge set between two towers, about 75 feet above ground. It sways a little when you walk across, but it's very cool to be up among the tree tops, admiring the ferns that grow on all the branches.

Armadillo! He's tough to see in his thick armor, but cuuutte.

 Here is one of the wild peacocks that live in the historic section of Sarasota. He was kind enough to unfurl all his feathers, and shake them, like a Native American dancer. Then, the folks who live in the house opened their garage door, and scooched him away, so they could get out! He was unimpressed, and took his sweet time moving. I wish I had known how to use my zoom lens!
MomMom and Pappou on the boat ride through Sarasota Bay. It was a beautiful day. We saw a dolphin, and lots of tropical birds, who were busy diving for food to feed their babies.

It's very difficult to see, but this is the rookery, where all the birds nest. There are three of these shrubby islands, and hundreds and hundreds of birds build their nests in them. I don't know how they manage to find their own babies in the crowd! Well, I guess all mothers know the sound of their children calling their name.

The Lone Woman, with the sun on her face, and the wind in her hair.
I'm still figuring out the camera phone. First, I filmed us, upside down. Then, only half of our faces were in the shot. This is the fourth attempt.
Finally! We'll take it. That is my beloved Dillon Panthers hat, from "Friday Night Lights." I love Coach, and Mrs. Coach, and when I'm done here, I'm going to watch the first episode of the final (sob) season. Those of you with DirectTV, don't tell me what happens. Those of you who have never watched "Friday Night Lights," you  need to correct that. 

Thanks, friends, for all your support this week. I wish you a weekend with sun, laughter, and much love.
I'll be back to chat on Monday!


  1. Anonymous16.4.11

    Oh no, Lone Woman, thank you! Those pictures are so wonderful! And a peacock, I love pea fowl very much.

  2. Look at you all relaxed and sunny! Gorgeous.

  3. I don't watch Friday Night Lights but I do have a lingering luv for Kyle Chandler from Early Edition...so Gary Cooperish and gorgeous.

    Love the pictures!

  4. @Lora: All the time you were going to spend watching AMC and OLTL, should now be reserved for all four seasons of "Friday Night Lights." The pilot is one of the best I've ever seen, and Kyle Chandler is worthy of undying love. Truly.

    But don't watch until the hormones return to normal.

  5. I love FNL. One of my favorite shows of all time. And Megan isn't exaggerating. The pilot is beautiful and very moving. But probably not for ladies under the influence of strong hormones.

    Kyle Chandler is a god among actors. He and Connie Britton create the best and most realistic portrayal of a marriage that I have ever seen on television.

    @ Megan - Great pictures! So fun to see Norma. She looks wonderful. And the peacock is terrific.

  6. Oh, and can I just say, I LOVE that your dad popped his collar.

  7. Friday Night Lights OH MY DAYS. I somehow lost track of it after season 2, I think. It was on, it wasn't on, and I was doing my MA so I couldn't keep track. But from what I've read (and seen a little) it's just as good as it always was, so I'm dying to watch all the seasons I missed.

    I don't know ANYONE who watches it, maybe cause I'm in Canada. I don't know how to explain to them how well written it is. And so beautiful, and touching and SNIFF SNIFF!!! The West Wing of family drama.

  8. @Mabel: After Season Two NBC entered into a production deal with DirectTV, which allowed DirectTV to air the episodes first. Then NBC would play them in the summer. It was easy to lose track of the show. But, you can rent all the seasons, and last year's was outstanding. I hope you get a chance to enjoy it.


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