08 March 2011

We Are All Wonder Woman

I changed my blog description. I rather enjoyed my quip about tantrums, teenagers, and body sprays, but truth is, I haven't even mentioned Three's ridiculous over-usage of AXE. Good Lord, it's awful. I make him spray it in his room with the door closed, preferably with a window open. Then he must quickly exit, pulling the door behind him. In the summer, I make him apply it outside the house. Two has moved on to a more sophisticated scent, so I have fewer complaints about him. All in all, that's it for the body sprays.

I started the blog as a way to share about my life with all these men, little and grown.  It is about the struggles, and triumphs, of being a mother. It is about my personal aspirations. It is about my children with special needs. So, I thought it more apt to include that in the description. Also, I wanted to use the word "plethora." Of course,  when I wrote the original, I worried that folks might think I over-use body sprays, so now they may think I have special needs. Well, that's not too far from the truth.

I'm not sure if the description change will attract other readers with special needs children. That would be great, as long as they aren't expecting any answers. I'm certainly not an expert in either parenting or special needs. I'm just moving forward and doing my best, which is sometimes only fair to middling.

My aunt just sent me a Wonder Woman bracelet. She said it represents what she thinks of me. It was a lovely gesture on her part, and I think I will wear it when I feel particularly challenged. But I am no Amazonian princess.

And that's my message, if I have one. We're not perfect. Come commiserate. Share your triumphs and failures. You're not alone. Even if you are Lone.


  1. Anonymous8.3.11

    Yes, Virgo brain noticed.
    But really, who doesn't love using the word plethora?!
    None of us has the answers, we are simply another avenue of research. What has worked for some may work for others. We share. It helps.
    I love that you now have a Wonder Woman bracelet.

  2. I think one of the best things about this internet world is being able to so easily connect with other people going through the same stuff as us, knowing we're not alone.
    You definitely deserve a Wonder Woman bracelet.

  3. Honey, I was pretty sure it was Axe. I used to sub at the jr. high and the War Between the Smells was ALWAYS BO vs. Axe (sometimes a gagging douse of Love's Baby Soft chimed in).

    I like the blog description either way. I hated my own description so I took it down. It ain't like I'm on "the road to publication" so much as the road to hanging my head over the toilet currently.

    Cool bracelet. Doesn't it make you want to say KAPOW! and deflect things with it? Maybe that's just my impulse.

  4. I have a Wonder Woman bracelet, too!! A friend gave it to me and it's terrific. One day we will coordinate. Then we can pretend that we are living on Themyscira, call each other "sister," and practice sword fighting and stuff. Or we can admire them over a cup of coffee, if that other stuff seems like too much effort.

  5. @Lora: Love's Baby Soft! That's a sickeningly sweet memory. Today, as if he knew I was going to delete the reference, Three took the time to over-douse with the Axe, with the bedroom door open. While I waited in the car. Even though we were late for the bus. So, I got to chase the bus, and walk back into a house of bad smells. I love him.

    P.S.: I think LitDiva needs no further description.

    P.P.S: Thanks for becoming an "official" follower! Now I have to figure out how to get your comment name linked back to your blog, so everyone can enjoy your highly entertaining criticism.

  6. @Janet: As you are aware, here at Casa de Penii we offer a variety of weapons that can be used to hone one's fighting skills. However, I am more inclined to say bring the coffee, sister.

  7. Oh, the smells one smells as a high school teacher: seventh period, after half the kids in the class had PE, in a room with a southern exposure and no AC, in August. It was a constant struggle for conciousness. To be honest, most of the girls had better perfume than I did. I just used it more appropriately. ;)
    Kudos on the description! I haven't even put a description on mine and you not only wrote one excellent description, but two. Definitely get out that Wonder Woman bracelet!

  8. Count me in on the Amazonathon. I'll wear my bracelet also. I have heard so much about this Axe issue. I am curious to know why they like it so much. Do they believe the commercials?

  9. Can we see pictures of the bracelet? Pretty please?

    When you teach at a private school that still requires P.E., the smell issue extends beyond grade 12.

  10. @June: You're in. And yes, they believe the commmercials, and the unsophisticated noses and opinions of middle school girls.

  11. Slacker Virgo didn't notice. :(
    And, yes, we would like pictures of the Wonder Woman bracelet, please. Too bad it didn't come with an invisible plane. Though, I never understood what the point of the invisible plane was when Wonder Woman herself was plainly opaque. Ahh, who cares. Any excuse to carry the Lasso of Truth, right?

  12. @Delia: I think the plane and the lasso are both recipes for disaster. I like the bracelet, and I would like to wear the outfit with the same degree of pleasing curvature.


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