26 January 2011

I'm Dreaming of a Hot Summer

Long Ago I Thought It Pretty

The snow is falling in flat, fat clumps
relentless in its assault,
as if driven to cover the sins
of all that came before it.
Whitewash to hide the black ice below,
veneer over treachery.

When you start writing bad, angry poetry, you know you've had one too many snow days.  Like every other mother in the Continental United States, I've had it with this weather.  In the beginning, I didn't mind the days off from school, because it lessened my load. Homework, basketball, play practice- all this takes up a considerable amount of my time, especially when it involves wrangling the ADD-ers. I like a lazy day as much as the next guy. But I don't think of snow days as fun. I don't bake cookies, and happily bundle up my kids to go play outside. I grumble as I get them ready, because I know as soon as the last one goes out the door, the first one will be back. And often, I am called to rescue someone who thought it smart to try and sled across the boulders and through the woods. I prefer the indoors.

But we've been inside so much lately, my laziness has turned to outright sloth. As I write this, I am staring at this morning's dishes. It's dinner time. I have no interest in picking up at all, because it's become an overwhelming task at this point. The foyer is so littered with gloves and boots, one can no longer find the bench to sit and remove one's gloves and boots. There is mail everywhere, toys strewn from one room to the next, and the garbage looks like it's being managed by the New York Department of Sanitation.

Speaking of New York, the Captain opted to stay in tonight, so he can actually get to work tomorrow. This is inventory month, and although he has returned most nights to our home, he's really been at work for the past four weeks. This is the most important part of his very important job, so I don't begrudge him. Mostly, I just miss him. We created this mess together, and it's more fun to clean it up that way.

Oh my God, the phone is ringing.  It's the school...


  1. It has to stop snowing at some point. Right?!? I mean, God willing, we won't have snow days in May. I hope.

    Had a great time having the Captain as a guest last night. We witnessed thundersnow. Which is thunder and lightning during a snow storm. It was amazing.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for a five by five next week. All five at school on five consecutive days!

  2. MEGAN! I am SO relieved you are a sloth too and your house sounds like mine. I have been feeling that way for days. And it doesn't help my guilt that My captain is cooking, laundering, baking, and building me a bench for my mudroom. Actually, it wasn't like I was watching TV all day-- I really was working. Just conveniently ignoring the house and people responsibilities. Hence, the mess. Thanks for also having a mess. xoxo

  3. I'm a teacher. A childless one. Heeheeheeeheee. I do enjoy me some snow days. Last week we had two. I did all my laundry and read five novels. And worked on mine. And painted my nails.

    Stop throwing snowballs at me. It's rude. :)

    I hope the kiddos can return to school and pick on someone their own size so you can find your floor. If it makes you feel better, there's a pile of formerly clean towels on my laundry room floor. My husband chucked them out of the dryer and onto his muddy boots b/c they were in his way.

    I found them this morning, half blocking the door to the garage. I texted him a photo of the towels with the caption "SERIOUSLY????"

  4. I love your star background. So pretty!

  5. @lora96-Thank you! The star is my un-official logo-one arm for each penis, I mean boy, I've birthed.

  6. Something even scarier: you said "the phone is ringing" and I heard the Wonder Pets in my head. That is what snow days have done to this house.

  7. "The phone. The phone is ringing..." We loved the Wonder Pets. Lately, my boys have been asking for another real pet. They are well skilled in the ways of mind control, (wearing me down) so I'm a little frightened.


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